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  • Some of the staff really did cry when he died on 'Vice'.

    Here is the consummate character actor, someone who disappears into a part, and you wait for the credits to learn his name -- and then you don't recognize him the next time you see him because he's become somebody else. Not something someone like... oh, Tom Cruise is capable of doing. Zito really did seem to be different/deeper from the others on the Miami-Dade force (which BTW, was basically the county sheriff and wouldn't have been making all those busts in the City of Miami and Miami Beach) -- it was sad that he was relegated most of the time to comic relief with Switek. But the talent showed through numerous times -- and when they killed him, unbelievably killed him -- I was in the room with the only freelance writer who'd worked on the first two seasons of Vice, and yes, he wept. He says, in three decades of TV work, that it was the only time he'd mourned the loss of a character he'd written for. Good writing -- great acting.