John DiMaggio





9/4/1968 , North Plainfield, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

John William DiMaggio




John DiMaggio is an Italian-American voice actor, and a native of North Plainfield, New Jersey, known primarily for playing the robot Bender in the 20th Century Fox animated series, Futurama. He also voiced Hak Fu in Jackie Chan Adventures, The Scotsman on Samurai Jack, Dr. Drakken and Motor Ed in Kim Possible, and Brother Blood on Teen Titans. DiMaggio is a former stand-up comedian. He is also known as the English voice of Wakka of Besaid and Kimahri Ronso in the RPGs Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 and Rhino in the video game Spider-Man 2. Lately he voiced General Grievous' first appearance only in Volume 1 of Star Wars: Clone Wars. He also provided the voice of Fu Dog of American Dragon: Jake Long.

He has also several on-screen credits, such as Steve Ballmer in the docudrama about the history of Microsoft-Apple Computer, Pirates of Silicon Valley, as a recurring character Dr. Sean Underhill on Chicago Hope.