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  • Great Story

    My Son Kenneth Craig took care of Mr. Doucette in his last days before he passed away, and Ken asked me if I had ever heard of him (Mr. Doucete) and I said yes I have, as I have seen him in many movies with John Wayne etal. My son told Mr. Doucette that his dad knew who he was, and it really perked him up. Mr. Doucette than autographed two 8x10 photographs one to Me and one to my son, and I believe these to be the last two pictures he ever autographed before he passed away. I will always treasure the picture he signed for me, as well my son will also. Thank you Mr. Doucette for all the great movies you were in, you will always be remembered by me
  • John was a wonderful man and so sweet to children! I know he was to me. I remember he had five girls and three boys. I am proud to be related to him.My dad came from Haverhill,MA

    John Doucette is my father\'s first cousin. William Hector Vadeboncoeur the second is my dad. When I was in second Grade we moved to California and John came over to pick my family up in his station wagon. At that time he was living in the house that use to be Marylynn Monroes, that he had bought. I remember one of his daughters gave me a Tammy doll. I am 47 now and would love more information about him.I live in N.H now and my dad is still alive and lost contact with his family since we moved.