John Driscoll

John Driscoll


6/27/1981, Woodbridge, Virginia

Birth Name

John Edmund Driscoll


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The word heartthrob is often used to describe actor John Driscoll, who plays "Henry Cooper 'Coop' Bradshaw" on the long running CBS soap opera Guiding Light. At 6'2" it's easy to see why female fans of the show can't get enough of the brown haired blue eyed Driscoll.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During an episode of Guiding Light, John and co-star Tom Pelphrey accidentally crashed through a glass window on the set. John calls it the most memorable thing that has ever happened to him on the set.

    • John has provided audio commentary for the Guiding Light mini-podcasts called Guiding Light Lite.

    • John admits that, although he likes to be healthy, he loves to eat at McDonald's. He also enjoys spending time at Starbucks.

    • John is a huge professional football fan, his favorite team being the Washington Redskins.

    • John frequently attends the gatherings of the Guiding Light Fan Club, where he gets the chance to interact with his viewing public.

    • Prior to landing the role of "Coop" on Guiding Light, John auditioned for another role on the show. Producers didn't feel he was right for the part but loved Driscoll so much that they created the character of "Coop" just for him.

    • John made his New York stage debut in Angry Young Women In Low-Rise Jeans With High-Class Issues. The comedy was written by Matt Morillo.

    • If John could guest star on any prime time television series it would be Scrubs. He says he's a huge fan of series star Zach Braff.

    • Before going into acting, John worked for a Washington, D.C., modeling agency. He appeared in runway shows for designers Versace and Armani.

    • John has been keeping a blog since 2004. He considers it a great way to blow off steam.

    • John's hobbies include; soccer, baseball, football, and lacrosse. He also enjoys singing in his spare time.

    • John was working as a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, when he landed the role of "Coop" on Guiding Light in 2004.

    • John supports many charities including; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Foundation, Meals on Wheels, the Ronald McDonald House, and SOME (So Others May Eat).

    • The first rock concert that John attended was Metallica. He also recalls seeing Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony in concert when he was younger, saying that "it rocked."

    • John's record at the Daytime Emmy Awards is as follows:
      - 2005 Pre-Nomination; Outstanding Younger Actor
      - 2006 Pre-Nomination; Outstanding Younger Actor
      - 2007 Pre-Nomination; Outstanding Younger Actor
      - 2008 Pre-Nomination; Outstanding Younger Actor
      All were for his work on Guiding Light.

    • John has a "Bacon Number" of 2.
      He was in Happenstance with Jay O. Sanders,
      Jay was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.

    • John is represented professionally by Talented Managers, a division of Fat City Media.

    • John's father is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who worked for the Pentagon. Before John was born, however, his father spent many years moving from place to place. His family, which includes an older brother and older sister, lived in four different countries.

    • John appeared in in a Lowe's Home Improvement commerical.

    • John's favorites:
      - Simpsons character: Barney
      - Animated movie: Finding Nemo
      - Website:
      - Candy: Milk Duds
      - Movie: Henry V
      - TV Show: Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters

  • Quotes

    • John: My first role on national television was asking Kate Bosworth to dance and getting shot down. My family and fraternity brothers at Mason will never let me live that down.

    • John: It's really weird to see yourself on television. It's true that you are your own worst critic, but I try not to be too hard on myself. It's an awesome adventure, and right now I just want to enjoy myself and see where this all leads.

    • John: (his personal motto) The difficult is easy, the impossible just takes a little longer.

    • John: (on co-star Nicole Forester) Bless her, because she's always just very sweet and comes in with a big, bright smile on her face from ear to ear. I have never once seen her down or dumpy or anything. She has this presence about her that's just very fun and uplifting.