John Duttine

John Duttine


3/15/1949, Barnsley, West Riding, Yorkshire

Birth Name

John Arthur Duttine


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Like the character he played in "To Serve Them All My Days" (1980), John Duttine hails from a mining town, but in Yorkshire rather than Wales. He, too, attended state schools rather than upper-class public (the equivalent of American private) schools. When he realized in his teens that…more


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    • Son Oscar (b.1981) with girlfriend Carolyn Hutchinson. Broke up with Hutchinson in early 1990s.

      Hi appearance at WETA's televised fund drive on Aug. 26, 1984 (PBS station in Washington, D.C.) helped attract 701 new memberdhip pledges totaling $33,749 the highest one-night total in the 14-day pledge drive.

    • After a critic for the Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) savaged the production of "The Woman in Black" in which he had co-starred at the Spoleto Festival, spring 1996, John wrote a 600-word rebuttal letter, which the newspaper published on June 7. Excerpt: "There is an unspoken pact between the audience and the actors - one of suspension of disbelief for a few hours. Let us take you into our world and, if we are able, we will provide you with some harmless entertainment. ... It would seem that Ms. Furtwangler is incapable of this leap of imagination or is too jaded by her job. I've never been quite sure what that job is, but there seems to be an ever-growing school of reviewers who seem only to want to carp."

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