John Edward





10/19/1969 , Glen Cove, New York

Birth Name

John Edward Magee




Even though John's psychic abilities appeared at a very early age, he become a best selling author and world renowned psychic medium was the last thing on his mind. As John was growing up, his mother would hold "psychic parties" in their home. John would poke fun at the visiting mediums, and tease his relatives after their readings. But it was at one of these "psychic parties" that John's life was forever changed. John was just fifteen when psychic Lydia Clair told him of his remarkable abilities. Soon after John began researching psychic phenomenon, astrology, numerology. John started giving readings to his friends and family using playing cards. Then, he gave readings at psychic fairs on the weekends. Since psychic phenomena was so accepted by his family, it was easy for his abilities to flourish. John graduated college with a degree in Public Administration and Health Care Administration. He maintained a management position in a leading health care facility in the Northeast, and always continued his research, lecturing, teaching, readings, and writing in the field of parapsychology. Due to the large demand for his time and ability, John now devotes his time to pursuing his psychic work full time. Along with hosting the immensely popular TV show Crossing Over with John Edward, he gives seminars and workshops worldwide. He is also a frequent guest on radio and TV shows.

John resides in Long Island, New York, with his wife Sandra, their son Justin, and their two Bichon Frises, Jolie and Roxie.