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  • This guy is a joke!

    "Hello. I'm John Edwards. I claim to talk to the dead. Of course I don't, but I managed to get my own television shows, and get paid millions of dollars a year." (probably)

    John Edwards is, like I've said, a joke. Anyone who believes in this talking to the dead garbage needs to see a shrink. John Edwards, as if I'm not hating his fake psychic skills enough, is weird looking. What's with the face he always makes when he's "interpreting" things dead people are saying to him? Why does he stutter and have trouble "hearing" the dead people? It's because he forgot the lines he was supposed to memorize before the show. This guy is one of the biggest losers I've ever seen on TV.
  • John Edward is quite remarkable & gives reassurance. Death is a trip we all have to take & he makes the transition so much easier to bear.

    Have not long returned to England from my first trip to N.Y. having been part of a live studio audience for Cross Country. I won't go into detail but found experience remarkable. Went with a somewhat sceptical mind after being disapointed by some british mediums. However, I came home with a completely different view. Everything was very professional & staff were very strict about NOT learning any personal details before or during the show.John doesn't scare you about the future & made me feel that deceased friends & family are somewhere safe. While I don't want to join them sooner than necessary, I like to think I will when the time is right. Losing someone close is so hard but if you think its not so final what harm can be done? Would love the chance for a private reading. Thank you WE for the opportunity of seeing John'perform'. Am really looking forward to Johns first performance in G.B.
  • He gives so much of himself his shows are soothing and wonderful very up lifting.

    John has given so many people peace more than any other one person has and he has done it at great personal loss for himself and his family with so many people being unwilling to except the truth that there are things we can't explain and I am greatful that Sci-Fi first put him on the air and WE has picked him up. Thank you John for being so strong in so many ways.