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  • John Edward is quite remarkable & gives reassurance. Death is a trip we all have to take & he makes the transition so much easier to bear.

    Have not long returned to England from my first trip to N.Y. having been part of a live studio audience for Cross Country. I won't go into detail but found experience remarkable. Went with a somewhat sceptical mind after being disapointed by some british mediums. However, I came home with a completely different view. Everything was very professional & staff were very strict about NOT learning any personal details before or during the show.John doesn't scare you about the future & made me feel that deceased friends & family are somewhere safe. While I don't want to join them sooner than necessary, I like to think I will when the time is right. Losing someone close is so hard but if you think its not so final what harm can be done? Would love the chance for a private reading. Thank you WE for the opportunity of seeing John'perform'. Am really looking forward to Johns first performance in G.B.