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  • gentle giant

    I started watching Cold Case a few years ago, but since Cold Case is on ION TV now, I watch it a lot more often. They had John Finn on a lot this one time & I really started noticing him. He's pretty good sized & has the nicest smile & eyes. He seems to be very gentlemanly & sweet. Does anyone know if he is married? If so, how long long, children? I would like to send him an e-mail; address/???
  • Makes his character look real

    I agree with the reviewer underneath as John Finn makes
    His character look real as well as likable at the
    Same time. His Lt Stillman is like a father figure to
    The Cold Case team. Gruff and strict but also sensitive and fair to everybody.
    Great actor and hope to see him on for many more years!
  • John Finn is one of the most talented and definitely the most handsome actors on the market today. He has a pesona unlike any of the actors that I have watched to date. I am surprised that I have not seen him in more starring roles.

    John Finn is an actor who really gets my attention. His handsome good looks make me stop dead in my tracks. I always enjoy watching him on cold case but my only problem is that they do not keep him on camera long enough. I would love to know about him but everything I read seems to be summed up in a sentence or two. John Finn has movie star good looks in my opinion and hopefully someone else will discover that and he will get his time to shine! can anyone provide me with more information on him?? Thank you.