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  • I took one episode...

    ...just one, of John Francis Daley portraying Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones, and I wanted the character to go on forever.

    He just made this character click and that's hard to do on an established show with an established cast. In fact, I now consider "Sweets" as indispensable a cast member as "Booth" or "Bones" don't even consider any changes there, FOX!

    He handled, and continues to handle, the age thing really well, he handled Brennan really well and he even got the not normally toucy-feely Booth on his side. And THEN, he got touchy-feely with Daisy Wick! Perfect.

    The thing is, when you read his real-life bio, its almost as though this wonderful character is being spit back at you. Kind of like "Guerrero" on Human Target: don't judge the nerd by his "cover". They'll beat you a$$ every time! And I believe John Franics Daley will be around doing just that, for a very long time...