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  • Great Actor

    John Glover is a Tony Award-winning and Emmy Award-nominated American actor. He is perhaps best known for a range of villainous roles in films and television, including Lionel Luthor in the TV series Smallville. His notable roles include Alan Ramey in "52 Pickup", Bryce Cummings in Scrooged, Daniel Clamp in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, a mobster in Payback, The Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series, Doctor Jason Woodrue in Batman and Robin, Verad in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Invasive Procedures", The Devil in the series Brimstone, and the aforementioned role on Smallville. He has also made notable appearances on stage, winning a Tony Award for Featured Actor in a Play for his dual roles in the Broadway play Love! Valour! Compassion!, which he reprised in the film version.
  • Character-This man is such a character!

    John Glover's acting career can be summed up in one word: Character!!! He is such one................LOL!!! I simply love every role I see him in and do wish he had a series of his own or at least a supporting role in one! His characterization of the profiler on "Criminal Intent" was astounding! Just absolute perfection, in my humble opinion! My favorite role of John Glover's was as Satan in the short-lived Fox Horror fest, "Brimstone". I used to hang on every episode waiting for his character of Satan to appear and spout off some of those devilish one-liners! Just yummy!!! He also did a great job in the film, "Automatic", as a corperation CEO-scientist. I would have missed him in that one, but my boy Jeff Kober, was also in it and they played very well off one another! John Glover, is an American treaure, that should be seen a lot more often! He is just so worth the watch!
  • Good Actor

    I think John Glover has done well on Smallville. He has played both the bad guy, the good guy, and the guy you can't ever read. He has been in Smallville for 6+ seasons and could be exiting with a death for Season 6. I hope that he doesn't die that soon, but I guess they need to go on with the show. But as Smallville progresses I think he will be looked back upon as one of it's best characters.
  • he is a great actor

    He is one of the best actors I've seen out there. He is probably most known to people ad Lionel Luthor in smallville. He plays both a good and bad man. I love the parts with him and lex in it he is so good I hope he doesn't leave smallville anytime soon because hes very good. Hes been in smallville since season 1 but only became as a normal cast member since the 6th season. I always wondered since season 1 if they would show more of Lex's dad and luckily they did.

    John Glovers a great actor if smallville takes him off this season the show wont be the same without him
  • He is very good actor.

    I think John Glover has done well on Smallville. He has played both the bad guy, the good guy, and the guy you can't ever read. He has been in Smallville for 6+ seasons and could be exiting with a death for Season 6. I hope that he doesn't die that soon, but I guess they need to go on with the show.
  • A very good actor.

    John Glover is an actor who brings about a wonderful depth and three dimensionality to the characters he plays. The character he plays on Smallville - Lionel Luthor, is a fairly difficult part to play.

    During some seasons he was playing the charming, morally corrupt and sly business tycoon. Then there were times his ruthless persona came out and viewers really got to see his dark side. More recently his character's role has changed again to somebody who has reformed and become a good man.

    Being ale to pull off the multifaceted character belivably is not a small feat and John has done it remarkably well.

    This tells a lot about his acting capabilities.
  • John Glover plays the role of Lex Luthor's father Lionel Luthor in the show Smallville.

    I really like John glover's acting of Lionel Luther. He really has a deep character and he plays him really well. He protrays how you would think that Lex Luthor's father would be if the show didn't exit. I really like how he always has an intersting thing to say to Lex it is really interesting to watch. I think that John Glover has the perfect interpretation of how Lionel Luthor should act and it is very interesting to watch when he talks to Lex because they always both make good points. He's a great character in the show Smallville I hope he stays for the rest of the whole show.
  • Plays a good villain.

    John Glover is perhaps being typecasted as the bad guy. But he does it so well. Now he is a bad guy in Smallville, playing the father of a would be bad guy Lex Luthor. His portrayal of Lionel Luthor is really remarkable, it might be a hint of how his son inherited his badness in this latest TV adaptation of superboy. But this bad guy isn't simply the typical crazy maniac, John Glover's Lionel Luthor is a character that have depth and emotions to spare. He was sort of a good person in few episodes and just returned to a bad person again eventually. John Glover does a good job doing this, and he does it really well.
  • John Glover as a villian.

    John Glover is more often than not typecasted as a villian. It pretty much started with the movie 52 Pick-Up, he did in '86, directed by John Frankenheimer. He built a reputation for villainous roles in projects like Masquerade, Scrooged, and Batman & Robin. Glover was great in Batman & Robin as Dr. Jason Woodrue whom was kissed to death by Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). However, the role as the ruthless father of Lex Luthor in Smallville is my personal favorite. Even though Lionel Luthor doesn't exist in Superman Comics, he really brings Lionel to life and has made him a solid character in the series.
  • Very Good Actor

    I truly love his work. The Character Lionel, he takes to a whole new level. John Glover is a great actoer in his own right. From Movies, supporting cast, to guest starring roles, I will still love this man's work. It a shame we didn't get him sooner on the Smallville series. I truly hope they keep him in the series until the very last episode.
  • He's a great star with a real talient for being the evil but passionate character.

    First I want to say that I honestly though I had never seen him before when I first saw him on "Smallville" in the pilot even though he had been in Batman & Robin but to be fair he had a really small role. In the begining of "Smallville" I wasn't a fan of him or his character but now 5 years later I think he's one of the best or at least coolest (in a bad way) characters on the show. His performence in the episode "Memoria" sealed what I think of him. He was SO, SO great in that episode and it's one if not the best episode I've ever seen (Not just on "Smallville") on television. He's a great actor who should really be known for my gerenation and not be a faint memory (Becuase of his small roles) to anyone who doesn't watch "Smallville". I really hope he does a big movie soon, he deservies it. He also works really hard to fight Alzheimer's by attending the "memory walk" and auctioning off "Smallville" items online every year to raise money for the cure. He's really a great actor.
  • Clever man...

    John Glover is so talented (along with Welling) because they had played their owm characters for so long ..then they had to do a tranference where Lionel Luthor & Clark Kent Switched bodies and they played out excellently their hard parts playing each other! I couldn't believe how well they did .. it was very difficult for, I know John Glover.