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    • John released a statement through his publicist in October of 2007 saying he had voluntarily taken steps to "remain sober" for the rest of his life. Goodman left Promises Treatment Center, a rehabilitation facility in Malibu, California where he had been treated for an undisclosed reason. It remains unclear how long he was in rehab or when he was released.

    • John's name was among those announced on June 23, 2007 to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2008.

    • John was nominated for a SAG Award in 1994 for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series for his work in Roseanne. Also in contention were Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Kelsey Grammar (Frasier), David Hyde Pierce (Frazier), and Paul Reiser (Mad About You). At the first annual SAG Award presentation in 1995, Goodman lost to Alexander.

    • John was featured in a 1970's magazine ad promoting Arrow Schnapps.

    • John was awarded an Emmy for Guest Actor in a Drama at the Primetime Creative Arts Awards ceremony (Sepember 8, 2007 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles) for his performance in the role of Judge Robert Bebe in the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip episodes, "Nevada Day (1)" and "Nevada Day (2)." He beat out, among others, Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker (ER), as well as fellow Studio 60 guest star nominee and veteran actor, Eli Wallach. Other nominees were Tim Daly (The Sopranos), Christian Clemenson (Boston Legal), and David Morse (House). This was Goodman's first win in 10 nominations but he was shooting a film in Berlin, Germany, preventing him from attending the ceremony to collect his award in person.

    • John Goodman has been cast to voice the role Paul Bunyan in Exodus Film Group's computer-animated family adventure "Bunyan & Babe" opposite comedian Eddie Griffin due for release in 2008. Max Howard, Exodus president and executive producer stated that Goodman is dream casting for them and "epitomizes the true American spirit of Paul Bunyan."

    • John, as a football coach in 1984's Revenge of the Nerds, improvised during filming and called off the names of his friends from high school.

    • John was stunned when his childhood idol, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Hall of Fame recipient, Stan Musial, came up to him to ask for an autograph for his grandchild at a benefit for the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri in 1992.

    • John starred as William "Butch" Gamble, a gay man returning to his Midwestern hometown in the short-lived (November 1, 2000-December 13, 2000) FOX television sitcom, Normal, Ohio for which he won the People's Choice Award for Best Actor in a New Comedy Series, even though the show was not generally a success (thirteen episodes were made, but only seven aired).

    • John has twice graced the cover of TV Guide magazine: he and Roseanne Barr were caricatured as Dan and Roseanne Conner from the ABC sitcom, Roseanne, by artist Richard Stark for the January 28-February 28, 1989 issue, and then later, in 1992, John was photographed for the December 28-January 3 issue, and was featured in an article titled, "Breakfast with 'Roseanne's' John Goodman."

    • John was sued by Constantin Film Produktion, a German film company, which is demanding $3 million from the actor. A lawsuit filed on April 16, 2007 claims that he entered an oral agreement to play the role of Pope Sergius in an upcoming film titled, Pope Joan. John allegedly broke the verbal contract two months before production on the film was to start. He denies that any such agreement was ever made.

    • John would stalk the NBC Saturday Night Live studio in 1975, after auditions, just to see if he could spot any cast members, prior to his own audition in 1980.

    • John was featured twice on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine: the May 1, 1992 issue publicizing The Babe, a film in which he had the leading role, and again, dressed as Fred Flintstone, he and the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Fred Flintstone appeared together on the June 3, 1994 issue promoting his new movie, The Flintstones.

    • John was featured as Fred Flintstone on the cover of the May 1994 issue of Premiere magazine promoting his new movie, The Flintstones. He was also included in the cover story titled, "Dig 'The Flintstones'" by Patrick Goldstein

    • John's favorite episode of Roseanne, the hit comedy series in which he played Dan Conner, is An Officer and a Gentleman, Season 2, Episode 38. He likes it because it dealt with something never really talked about-- the "almost" attraction between Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and Dan. John finds Laurie to be an amazing actress and had fun playing off her in this episode.

    • John played Emanuele Giri in the 2002 production of the Off-Broadway parable play, The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ur, about Hiltler's rise to power set in prewar Chicago, which starred Al Pacino.

    • John is a member of the fraternity Sigma Phi Episilon.

    • John has appeared in the following television commercials:

      1981 Levi Strauss and Company
      1981 Campbell's Soup
      1982 MCI Inc.
      1995 Budweiser beer (radio)
      1996 M&M's Chocolate Candies
      1996 Haggar
      1998 St. Jude's Hospital
      2002 Red Roof Inn
      2003 DirecTV
      2003-04 KTRS-550 AM St Louis, Missouri
      2004 Blue Rhino (propane exchange)
      2004 Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
      2007 Dunkin' Donuts
      Has also appeared in commercials for Burger King, Coors beer, Crest toothpaste, Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats, 7-up, and In-N-Out Burger.

    • John participates in Mardi Gras each year that he is not busy filming.

    • John met his wife, the former Anna Elizabeth Hartzog, in New Orleans where she was a college student and he was serving as Mardi Gras Carnival King while taking a break from filming Everbody's All-American. Two years later (October 1989), he and Annabeth, as he endearingly refers to her, were married and had a daughter, their only child, Molly Evangeline, born on August 31, 1990.

    • John first appeared as the character, Mack McTeer, replacing the late John Belushi (Jake Blues), Dan Aykroyd's partner in the Blues Brothers Band, on the March 25, 1995 episode of the NBC comedy series, Saturday Night Live. As Mack, he went on to star in the film, Blues Brothers 2000, and continued to perform alongside Aykroyd (Elwood Blues) and Jim Belushi (Zee Blues) through 2001, until health concerns forced him to bow out.

    • John joined other celebrity icons when the state of Louisiana enlisted them to thank Americans for their hurricane recovery efforts and to lure back tourists after Hurricane Katrina and Rita devastated Louisiana in 2005. Wynton Marsalis, Emeril Lagasse, Patricia Clarkson, and others joined him in the commercial campaign. John's smiling image could be seen displayed on the backs of city streetcars with the tag line, "Fall in Love with Louisiana All Over Again."

    • John, singing the song, "I'm Pyst," is one of the attractions as King Mattruss in the computer game, Pyst, a full motion video which behaves like an interactive slide show, and is a parody of the highly successful computer game, Myst.

    • John made a well-received New Orleans, Louisiana travel tape in 1995 with good friend and local historian, Chappy Hardy, titled You've Got a Friend in New Orleans.

    • John appeared on the first episode of PBS Storytime in 1994, reading from the children's book, The Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer.

    • John has a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame, and is part-owner of O'Leary's Restaurant, an Irish pub offering a menu of traditional Irish foods as well as a grilled selection, in South St. Louis County, Missouri.

    • John has no memory of his father, Leslie, a mail carrier who died of a heart attack in 1954 when John was almost two, leaving his mother, Virginia, pregnant with his sister, Elizabeth Ann, to care for John and his 16 year old brother, Les Jr.

    • John was considered such an asset to The Flintstones (cast as Fred Flintstone in the 1994 film), that if he had turned down the role, the movie would not have been made.

    • John has appeared in two music videos: Good Golly Miss Molly with Little Richard, and Wild, Wild Life with the Talking Heads.

    • John lived in Hell's Kitchen, a neighborhood in Manhattan that has figured prominently in the New York City underworld, and waited tables for a living when he first moved to New York, shortly after college.

    • John bought his New Orleans, Louisiana home from Trent Reznor, founding member of the American industrial rock band, Nine Inch Nails.

    • John was ordered by his doctor to lose 100 lbs. in 2005, a struggle that he considered his biggest challenge since he quit smoking in 2003.

    • John's character, Dan Conner, on the ABC television sitcom, Roseanne, ranked #13 on "TV Guide's List of Fifty Greatest Dads of All Time."

    • John has "been" the King of England (in the 1991 feature film, King Ralph) and the President of the United States (on the NBC dramatic series, The West Wing, during the 2004-05 seasons: first as Speaker of the House, and then as former president).

    • John, while living in New York in the mid-seventies, continued to frequent the now-defunct Café Central on Manhattan's Upper West Side, even after his job as a bouncer at the establishment didn't work out, in order to hang out with former coworkers and soon-to-be stars, Bruce Willis and Randy Quaid.

    • John's 21 appearances on the NBC comedy series, Saturday Night Live, includes 12 performances as the host and 9 cameos, at which time he acted out a total of 10 different impersonations and 3 different characters.

    • John, while filming a movie in New York in 1998, was a last minute, unscheduled guest on Saturday Night Live when the producers called requesting him to perform an impersonation of Linda Tripp during the height of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. He was asked back four more times to recreate the role.

    • John attended Affton High School in unincorporated Affton, St. Louis County, Missouri, where he dedicated himself to playing football (the team won only one game). After graduating in 1970, he intermittently attended St. Louis Community College-Meramec, before transferring to Southwest Missouri State University.

    • John was the first guest to appear on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on September 13, 1993 and received a "First Guest" medal distinguishing himself.

  • Quotes

    • John: (when asked in a 2008 interview what he likes to do in his spare time) I like to start working out. Once a week or so, I start working out.

    • John: (on where the comedian in him came from) Desperation. I don't know, I've always looked at the world kind of weird.

    • John: (talking about the making of of an animated film as opposed to a live action movie) You don't have to shave.

    • John: (about the NBC comedy program, 'Saturday Night Live') I think I've worn out my welcome there. I don't have anything interesting or hot coming out. You can't blame them. They want these kids that actually have a career now to host the show.

    • John: (about repeatedly portraying Clinton/Lewinsky affair informant, Linda Tripp, on 'Saturday Night Live') You know, I always felt bad about that. For one thing, after the scandal was over, it was kind of beating a dead horse. I certainly didn't like her politics or agree with what she did, but after a while, I felt like I was picking on her.

    • John: I grew up poor, and I don't think that feeling has ever been far from me. I don't think I'll ever be secure in luxury.

    • John: (about hosting 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time) I was so damn scared I just wanted to disappear, fall through a manhole cover–- anything.

    • John (On quitting smoking in 2003): I quit a year and a half ago and I turned into a werewolf. I went nuts. I've been smoking since I was in junior high school. I did a couple of episodes of The West Wing two years ago and I was in the middle of one of these psycho things and turned around and smacked the stage door as hard as I could and my fist immediately swelled up. Thank God I didn't break anything but that was the last episode I had - nicotine withdrawal.

    • John: Doing Roseanne made me famous. To this day, people will call me Dan Arnold. They'll shout out, 'Where's Roseanne?'

    • John: Kids are at my level. I like goofing around with them.

    • John: I hated Woody Woodpecker and Scooby-Doo, but I was a cartoon freak.

    • John: Believe me, no one likes to loaf more than me.

    • John: I wish I could shoot The Babe again. I didn't have enough time to get it right.