John Hagee

John Hagee


4/12/1940, Baytown Texas

Birth Name

John C. Hagee



Also Known As

John Hagee
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John Hagee was awarded the Nation Legion Award for being the most outstanding student in his graduating class. He was also a letter-man from his 7th grade year until finally graduating from Trinity University in 1964. In addition to graduating from Trinity University, he got a Masters Degree…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • John Hagee's son, Matthew, is the associate pastor of Cornerstone Church, where John Hagee is the senior pastor.

    • John Hagee released his new book In Defence of Israel in the fall of 2007.

    • John Hagee was editor of the book The Life Plan Study Bible: God's Keys to Personal Success.

    • What Every Man Wants In A Woman/What Every Woman Wants In A Man was co-authored by his wife, Diana.

    • John Hagee is CEO of the Global Evangelism Television network.

    • John Hagee was the one of the highest paid televangelists in 2001.

    • Is also a well-known Southern Gospel recording artist.

    • John and his wife Diana have 4 grandchildren.

    • His ministries can be seen throughout Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and most third-world countries and nations.

    • His ministries can be found on 160 T.V. stations, 50 radio stations, and eight networks.

    • On February 7, 2006, Pastor John Hagee and 400 leaders from Jewish and Christian communities formed Christians United For Israel.

    • More of his books include:

      -Attack On America: New York, Jerusalem, and The Role of Terrorism in the Last Days
      -Day of Deception
      -Devil's Island (Book One: The Apocalypse Diaries)
      -Anger of Blood (Book Two: The Apocalypse Diaries)
      -From Daniel to Doomsday: The Countdown Has Begun
      -Jerusalem Countdown
      -Life Lessons to Live By: 52 Weeks of God's Keys to Personal Success
      -The Seven Secrets
      -What Every Man Wants in a Woman

    • Pastor John Hagee released his book Final Dawn Over Jerusalem in February 1998 and by April was the #1 book on the Best Seller List.

    • Pastor John Hagee wrote 1996's #1 selling book in America The Beginning of the End in the CBA non-fiction division.

    • Born April 12, 1940 in Baytown, Texas.

  • Quotes

    • John Hagee: You will either offend the world and please God, or please the world and offend God.

    • John Hagee: Jesus did not come to the earth to start 285 squabbling denominations fighting over the Bible. How like the devil to divide Christians over the Bible.

    • John Hagee: If you live your life and don't confess your sins to God Almighty through the authority of Christ and His blood, I'm going to say this very plainly, you're going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket.

    • John Hagee: What is the point of having free speech if you have nothing to say?