John Hannah

John Hannah


4/23/1962, East Kilbride, Scotland, United Kingdom

Birth Name

John David Hannah


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John is the youngest of three children - he has two older sisters.He attended Claremont High School in East Kilbride and went on to an apprenticeship as an electrician.In East Kilbride, he participated in the East Kilbride Rep Theatre Club.

At the suggestion of a co-worker, he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • John founded production company Clerkenwell Films with producer Murray Ferguson in 1998.

    • John won a 'Best Actor' award at the 1995 Scottish BAFTA's for his role as Matthew in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

    • John was an apprentice electrician for four years before quitting so he could join the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

    • John was once turned down for a job at Pizza Express because he was not sufficiently "career-motivated." His favorite Pizza Express pizza is the Fiorentina.

    • John supports the football (soccer) team Partick Thistle.

    • John says that when he was a "wee" boy, he was afraid of the dark.

    • John enjoys to cook (so he doesn't have to do the dishes!) and his favourite food is anything Thai.

    • John enjoys golf, scuba diving, snowboarding, movies, and riding his motorbike.

    • John admits that horror films like Pet Semetary make him squeamish.

    • John's favorite TV shows are The Simpsons and Frasier.

    • John was nominated for a 'Favorite Supporting Actor' award at the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards for his role as Jonathan in The Mummy (1999).

    • John was nominated for a 'Best Actor in a Supporting Role' award at the 1995 BAFTA's for his role as Matthew in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994).

    • John provided the voiceover for the TV commercial for Cancer Research UK in 2004 and 2005.

    • John provided the voiceover for the Shell TV commercials in the 1990s.

    • John earned $1,000,000 for his role as Jonathan in the film The Mummy Returns (2001).

    • John was considered for the role of Charlie in the TV show Lost (2004), but the writers decided to change the characteristics of the part and the role went to Dominic Monaghan instead.

    • John married actress Joanna Roth in January 1996, and they are still together as of 2006. They have twin children, a son and a daughter named Gabriel and Astrid, who were born on 11 February, 2004.

    • John is 5' 10" (178cm) tall.

  • Quotes

    • (on doing a nude scene with Eddie Izzard)
      John: I was more worried about lurking photographers, to be honest, than doing the scene itself. I've done nude scenes before, but the scene with Eddie takes some beating. I've always said that this is a crazy way to make a living. That's what makes it fun – the surprise and the people you have the chance to work with.

    • (after a friend suggested he try acting)
      John: I was always rabbiting on about something or other. He said: "You may as well get paid for talking. Why don't you take it up?""

    • (on the character of Rebus)
      John: I started reading Ian Rankin's novels for pleasure and I've always admired Rebus as someone with nobility. He's a role model, really, someone we should try and emulate a lot more. Of course, he does some questionable things. You almost expect that, but he remains a hero, a flawed individual in a very dark and corrupting world.

    • John: As an actor you have to use as much of what you are yourself as you can. The less you are pretending, the better you come across.

    • John: I prefer to go with the flow rather than have specific roles in mind. I'm not really sure what I'll be doing next, so I'm enjoying some time at home watching a lot of football.

    • John: As an actor I think you have to be to put up with all the rejection. You need to feel it's worth it and have a solid core. Sometimes the tabloid image of actors being all luvvy annoys me, because people don't realise how hard it is to be unemployed all the time.

    • (on what characters he fancied himself as when he was a child)
      John: I fancied myself as Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven or Charlton Heston in El Cid, but most of the time I was happy galloping up and down the road on my imaginary horse playing cowboys with my mates.

    • John: I decorated my entire house with leftover stuff from the first Mummy film. I got a big van down to the set one day and kitted out my conservatory and bathroom... The stuff's fine as long as it doesn't rain - because it's all fake and papier-mache. But, having said that, it doesn't rain inside my flat very often unless the sprinkler system goes off.

    • John: Fame is horrible, it's invasive, it's cancerous.

    • (on the character of Rebus)
      John: He appears not to care about anything, particularly himself, yet he has a fierce personal morality which must come from within. But it's hard work to find out what he believes in, save to say he has a sense of right and wrong.

    • (about the film, "The Mummy")
      John: You could have a glass of wine, dinner and brush your teeth before he'd even got to you. One of the reasons why this film was so successful and connected with people is because it created a very human monster, everything he did was for love.

    • (when asked about annoying cinema habits)
      John: People having sex or fixing their motorbike. Seriously, I like in America how they take part, boo the bad guys. It's interesting culturally how we deal with it, the whole sense of English superiority to remove it from an event for everybody.

  • Batiatus

    Legend made Spartacus start with a bang and recalled for Gods of the arena I'm holding out for them to bring him back again great chemistry with Lucy Lawless.
  • Please reopen the sliding doors...

    So I remembered a movie that really stuck with me. So much so that I bought the DVD and just watched it again. Sliding Doors. Still love the movie, and rediscovered John Hannah (romantic lead), who was also in 4 Weddings & a Funeral -

    OMG, why is this actor not in major movies right now? He is so talented, so likeable, and I just want more of him. Are you agents alive out there? Get him more scripts. Stat.moreless