John Harvey (VII)





Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

John Harvey




Harvey started out his career on Philadephia radio on his very own show "Harvey In The Morning". It was on Harvey In The Morning that he first was noticed. The morning show had him playing music and interviewings stars; everyone from Mister Rogers to legands like Johnny Cash.

In 1986, the New Kids Network, Nickelodean, recruited Harvey for its first gameshow, Double Dare. Harvey wasn't just an announcer for the show, he appeared on the set in every episode to 'help' host Marc Summers with the Physical Challanges and the Obsticle Course. Later that same year, he was the announcer briefly on another Nick Game Show, Finders Keepers. He stayed with Double Dare intill 1992, when he quit to stay home with his new son Caleb.

He played 'Daddy' intill 2000, when he joined Marc Summers and most of the Double Dare crew on the Game Show History IQ. He was the announcer and Marc was the host of the show, it was cancelled in 2001.

Also in 2000, Harvey joined the cast of the TLC show, 'Trading Spaces' as a Location Scout and a Producer. Trading Spaces is a design show based on the British series Changing Rooms. In this show, two neighbors work on each others homes, remodeling their neighbors home as they see fit. This show is still on the air and shows no sign of slowing down.

Even After the Radio, 'Finders Keepers' , 'History IQ' , and 'Trading Spaces' , Harvey is best remembered to a whole generation of kids as the announcer on 'Double Dare.' Nickelodean Games and Sports is showing reruns of this show so a whole new generation can enjoy the glory of slime mixed with money that this show embraced.

August 16, 2004