John Hennigan

John Hennigan


10/3/1979, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Jonathan Randall Hennigan



Also Known As

Jonathan Hennigan, Johnny Blaze, Johnny Superstar, Johnny Spade, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Icon, John Morrison
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John Hennigan is currently part of the Smack Down brand of the WWE. He is wrestling under the ring name of John Morrison, and is one the rising stars on the brand. John is the current intercontinental champion, and former tag-team champ.


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  • A WWE Wrestler who wrestles on the ECW Brand who is the current ECW Champ and the center on that show.

    I think John Morrison is a great wrestler and a great Athlete Who Needs A little Bit of work on his mic skills but still has the abilty to make the fans love to hate him which means hes doing his job as a heel well. John morrison in my opion right no is the face of ECW he has competed in many great matches and has the ability to make a good show in my opion Morrison is with out a doubt has the ability to be the next shawn michaels if the world wrestling entertainment makes the most of himmoreless
  • Give John Morrison the WWE tittle and his own interview segment show called the palace of wisdom.

    Give John Morrison the WWE tittle and his own interview segment show called the palace of wisdom. John Morrison or Johnny Nitro better known as is a WWE wrestler who wrestles on ECW. John Morrison as a ton of talent he is charismatic he can do some great high risk spots like for example in a match did a moon salt on top of a trash can onto wrestler Colin Delaney and he is very lethal with is feet and is a hard worker . Some of John Morrison rivals have been the late great Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and CM Punk (their Rivalry gave Ecw better ratings in my opinion.)John Morrison is a Ecw champion, a two time Intercontinental champion, and is currently a WWE tag team Champion with the Miz which makes John Morrison a four time tag team champion. He won tough enough three to get a contract with the WWE. Some of John Morrison sayings are I am the shaman of sexy, Tuesday night delight, I am beyond good and evil, some are born to sweet delight and others a born to endless night, and I dwell in the palace of wisdom. So watch John Morrison jump to stardom. Remember you can join him in the palace of Wisdom or continue being a slave to society !moreless