John Henry Canavan





12/27/1969 , Toronto, Canada

Birth Name

John Henry Canavan




The fourth of five children John started out as a comedian and trouble maker in the family and a class clown at school, to get attention.
A near death experience at the age of 10 was the finite event that confirmed he was to pursue an acting career.
He studied at The Etobicoke School Of The Arts highschool in Toronto as an acting major. Continued to study acting at The University Of Windsor before winning and accepting a full scholarship to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York.
He is a seasoned theatre actor with years of experience but once he got a taste for working in front of the camera he found the place he'd been searching for and has been steadily working at it ever since.
In 2004 John and his wife Yael moved to Hollywood from New York and they now live Bi-coastally with their family of pets.