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  • Double, double teenage trouble

    Though he hasn't been a teenager for a few years he sure does have a knack for playing an overly troubled teen on the hit controversial drama Nip/Tuck. Though I do like the character and feel that John really portrays him honestly and has a real grasp into the age of the character I feel like we need to seem in more roles. Older roles, something different. A good change of pace could do him some good, considering his teenage believe-ablity will soon be not.
  • This review is not for John Hensley but, for thecharacterin the series.


    I have never seen a more spoiled brat in my life. His fathers are wealthy surgeons that bend over backwards for their son who constantly chooses to mess up his life with the mostignorantdecisions that someone with half a brain wouldn't make... Yes, its good entertainment but, (Matt Mcnamara) is the definition of a loser if there ever was one.