John Henson

John Henson


7/11/1967, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

John Henson



Also Known As

Johnny Boy, Skunk Boy, John Henson
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John Henson started acting when he was eight years old. He also tried singing and dancing before he spotted his true passion for comedy. It was at Boston University that he began performing improvisational comedy. He loved the adrenaline rush it gave him so he quit school at…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • in my opinion, the best comedian/actor on the face of this earth, is john henson.

    in this segment i will tell you all i know about him and then probubly just blab on about stuff and stuff. cause im cool like that, thats why. so, ya, manly step ups and such. well, i hope that after reading this you will all be happy couch hobos with your minds in the gutter just like me. YOU SHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh...i mean look, a petifile!!!!!! *runs away*

    john henson is a talented comedian/actor. my favorite movies are stag/barhopping(which he did an perfect job in, might i add!). but enough about me. he was a host for talk soup for 4 1/2 years. we just started watching it when the first guy left, and we stopped when henson left, because the guy after him was trying to be to outragous to be popular, and the girl just wasnt funny! he had some great quotes from talk soup, such as \"If you\'re not willing to kill yourself you don\'t deserve to die.\", \"That scratching noise I\'m hearing can mean one of only two things...Either the hitchiker I buried in the crawlspace isn\'t quite dead yet, or it\'s time to read a little viewer mail! I guess I hit him hard enough...\", \"That which does not kill you, lodges between your skull behind your eyeball...or something...\", \"I\'m smart like that.\", \"720 condoms? I carry that many in my wallet. Haven\'t used any of them yet. Been collecting \'em since college, saving for the apocolypse. Gonna be a party boy come doomsday.\", \"It\'s not nice to point Mr. Horneypants!\", \"Don\'t twitch freak!\", \"Sit tight Soup Fiends!\", \"But then again...I\'m heavily sedated.\", \"I\'m John Henson. What\'s your alibi?\" \"Stupid, dumb, bad, dumb\", \"Note to self: Return beaver. Get blood test.\", \"Next up; I\'ll destroy your sense of normalcy with my sense of weirdity!\", \"Note to self: I am f*cking OUT OF HERE!!\", \"Is it hot in here or is it just menopause?\", \"The man is a PINAPPLE POKER!\", \"Don\'t jump to conclusions little miss paranoia. Duh...\", \"Sex addiction affects 10 million people every year (looks down and smiles) 10 million and 1.\", and \"But it was all a scam! A travesty of a mockery of two travesties of a sham!\".

    in stag, he commits suicide, and it is very sad the way it made me cry.

    Stag (1997) [Timan Bernard - john henson]: Commits suicide by drowning himself in the swimming pool; the scene cuts away after he falls face forward into the pool, and his death is confirmed later on when the police report finding his body.

    you dont see that very offen. what you may ask? an actor who does so well in comedy, yet he can pull off the dramatic effect perfectly.

    here is a comedy bit he did when he was a stand-up comedian, i think you\'ll enjoy this!!!!

    \"somebody told me that the first impression is very important to women. i read in an article somwhere that women make up there mind in the first five minutes of the date wether or not they want to go to bed with you. i heard that and all i could think of was how come we dont find out till the end of the date??!? i dont know about you guys, but i wanna be notified the minute the virdict comes in! make it like an audition, i would be fine with that. you know what i mean, just open up the door go\"hi!\"\"thanks for coming\" \"leave a picture, and we\'ll call when we\'re casting the roll of the best friend\"

    yep. he sure does vomit alot. i tried to put the pictures of his suicide in stag (1997) but they wouldnt go, so meh!

    for me, i hope to be an actress too one day. i love acting. it just kind of fills the empty void in me. so does food, but actings much more satisfying.

    if by some strange wierd exotic strange crazy insane phycotic demented weird chance that john henson happens to stumble across this glorious outstanding amazing peice of work,(look!!!! my ego is showing!!!! ^.^)

    then i want you to know that i am not looking for any contact of any kind, nor am i trying to be a kiss up. this is just what i think of you, and i just wish for you to know that you are my inspiration for acting, and so far, it has worked, so to you, i say, thanks.