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  • We all fell in love with John Henton through is portrayal of Overton Wakefield Jones on the classic urban sitcom Living Single. Over the years he as brought a countless number of smiles to a countless number of people.

    On February 22, 2007 I had the privilege of attending one of John Henton's shows. It took place in Richmond, VA at a local comedy club. Having been a fan for years I was looking forward to the night for weeks. Once it happened I wasn't disappointed in the least. He can on stage to a roar of applauds and screams. I am quite sure I was the loudest of the entire audience. The first thing that struck me about John Henton was his stylish appearance. He just had on a collared shirt, jeans and some boots. However, brother's shirt was freshly ironed and extra crispy. And his shoes didn't show one hint of scruffiness. Throughout his performance I was truly in awe of how seasoned he seemed. He paused at the right moments, held the microphone so he wouldn't get all tangled up, and he offered his amazing smile throughout the evening. During his routine he mentioned his daughter Nicole Simone. Instantly you could tell how enamored he was over his little girl. The thing that really had me was every now in thing you could get a feel of the character he lovely portrayed for years on Living Single. After the show I waited patiently for him to come back out. He walked right pass me and I couldn't do anything but look. I kept thinking this man walks just like Overton. Often times its hard to separate an actor from the character they have played. It was really hard for me because Living Single is my all time favorite show. But by the end of the night I had done just that. Eventually, I worked up enough nerve to approach John Henton. He was very cordial and signed both my Living Single soundtrack and the Living Single Season 1 DVD. After that blessed Thursday night I have become a even bigger John Henton fan. I wish him all the best in all he does. Oh and by the way John Henton looks just as good (if not more) as he does on television.
  • Original for OG, I mean he goes waaaay back with Queen LATIFA! Think bout it PEOPLE she's like the OPRAH of the hiphop industry now c'mon!! ReCoGnIzE- JOHN HENTON.

    John Henton is currently touring the comedy world soon he is gonna call Big P's Ghettro up (510) 485 6439 cuz its ME!! Big P! (Preston) aka 'Big $' by DL, I was the character Ronnie Wilson on that show ! Jigga james- Real Quick, Big P shows ya'll how we be now, The Hughleys was a show with ethnicity ya see now follow me with these lyric proprieties
    given a emancipation to this conglomeration of this Darkness nation,
    including the Raiders Stadium, Jigga James, Ain't no thang but a
    chicken Wang, others rollin w/ Saget, im rollin with Henton,
    ridin on 24s then, Im glad you came out OKAY from that 2002 accident!
    lets roll around and then back again,
    lets roll around then back again, In Oakland then,
    and now i know ya'll may of saw me as a Jigga,
    and then a 1 ,2 your out now look at you with your broken nose too,
    Wayans hamster pet expiriment Henton call my Ghettro cuz I know all the shows your doin around each hood tho, comedies and fascinating thangs, lets go to Roscoes get some chicken wangs, I'll buy it matter of fact im prolly a mascot there by now , its all good now ba-bling ba-bling ,
    got AWARD winning, Hustle 'n Flow dont ya know the HUGHLEYS was a KINGs SHOW.
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    Henton where's your page mang!?