John Karlen





5/28/1933 , Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name




John Karlen is a character actor from New York City who was born on May 28th, 1933. He began acting as a young child and made his first television appearances on "From These Roots" and "Kraft Television Theatre." An extremely versatile actor, Karlen is best known for portraying five characters on "Dark Shadows": Willie Loomis, Carl Collins, William H. Loomis, Desmond Collins and Kendrick Young. He has an affinity for dark roles, and appeared in two films based on the Dark Shadows series; he played Willie Loomis in "Night of Dark Shadows" and Alex Jenkins in "Night of Dark Shadows." Karlen has also worked on several other serials, including Murder, She Wrote, Cagney & Lacey and The Waltons. He is known for his solid work ethic and ability to easily memorize long portions of dialogue. John Karlen married Betty Karlen in 1963. She was an acting coach, and the couple produced one son, Adam, who was born in 1966. The couple divorced in 1998 after 35 years of marriage.