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  • Christmas 2009 (Episode 3)

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    S 50 : Ep 256 - 12/24/09

    It's Christmas Eve and Rosie's excitedly unwrapping her birthday presents. Sophie's impressed by what she sees and hopes that her presents will be as good as her sister's. Kevin, meanwhile, s worried about Molly, while no one notices that Sally seems a little preoccupied. Still furious at Kevin for going to Paris with Sally, Molly tells him that it's over between them. Meanwhile, Tina's feeling guilty after snogging Nick and when Jason apologises about for their argument the previous day, she readily accepts and says sorry, too. There is a dodgy moment, though, when Jason asks David how he hurt his arm but David covers for Tina, claiming that he sprained it. Tina's grateful for his discretion and it's clear that there's a thaw in their relationship. Nick arrives at the Platts' and Gail's delighted to have her prodigal son home for the festive period. David, however, is certainly not best pleased to see him. Over at The Rovers, the regulars have gathered for the fourth panto and with the last one being over 20 years ago, nobody knows quite what to expect - perhaps with the exception of Betty, who's had a starring role in more than one production! As the curtain goes up, the scene is set by John Stape and Cinderella begins. It goes like a dream, with few minor hitches - until Amy takes to the stage to sing her song at the ball. When she forgets her lines, she remembers one very choice word that she's obviously heard Becky utter on more than one occasion!moreless
  • Tuesday 1st December 2009

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    S 50 : Ep 240 - 12/1/09

    Bill comes to Rosie's aid as she continues to scream for help. She tells Bill that John tried to grab her. Bill takes Rosie home, leaving John feeling helpless but Roy is sympathetic and advises John to tell Fiz about what happened. John is anxious that she fears she might not believe his version of events but Fiz is fully supportive and knows what Rosie is up to. Meanwhile at the Websters all hell has broken loose and Rosie desperately tries to stop her mum from reporting John to the police but Sally's insistent. In the motel, Kevin and Molly's post-coital bliss is interrupted when Sally calls to tell Kevin about Rosie and Kevin dashes off. The police arrive at Number 5 and arrest John on suspicion of assault. Janice comforts Fiz as he is taken away and a guilty Rosie watches, knowing this time she has gone too far. Liz puts on a brave face and agrees to see the funny side of Teresa's joke but inside she is fuming. Deciding to take revenge she uses her key to Lloyd's flat and puts one of his beloved vinyl records in the oven! Lloyd's mortified to find a note saying she's kidnapped the rest of his collection and to his horror starts throwing them out of the window. Lloyd begs Teresa to apologise and Teresa agrees, on condition that Lloyd proposes to her in front of Liz. As Teresa apologises to Liz Lloyd drops to his knees and proposes but he is stunned be her response! Emily pays Eddie £10 for clearing her guttering. Norris is cynical. Steve's perturbed when Dev brings his golf coach Bernie into the Rovers. As she is also his golf coach Steve asks her to keep quiet about his secret lessons. Amused Bernie tells Dev about Steve's tuition and competitive Dev asks her to hinder Steve's progress. Becky and Claire return home early from their night out - both a little worse for wear. Queasy Claire sets off home but is angry to notice that Becky has torn the skirt she loaned her. Has their unlikely friendship got off to a bad start?moreless
  • Thursday 29th October 2009

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    S 50 : Ep 215 - 10/29/09

    As Maria sets off for Cyprus Tony promises to fly out and join her in a couple of days. Making sure everything's in order before he leaves he offers Sally Rosie's old job at the factory, which she's quick to accept much to her daughter's fury. He then sets up a web cam and chats to Maria. But as Tony leaves Underworld, confident he's now back on track, he suddenly suffers chest pains and collapses. Michelle's furious to find Jake the builder on her roof again and calls the police. After a good talking to Michelle's about to let him off but when Jake attempts another cheeky kiss the police haul him down to the station. Pam puts pressure on Molly to come clean to Tyrone about her affair. Molly's in turmoil and when Kevin tells her they need to talk she worries he's going to dump her. And Ashley heads off for his vasectomy again. Will he finally go through with it?moreless
  • Thursday 20th August 2009

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    S 50 : Ep 165 - 8/20/09

    Steve tells Becky how he tried to bribe Hooch but they both realise that Hooch just wants revenge and will stop at nothing to see Becky go down. They find out from Betty that Slug was in the pub on the morning of their wedding and realise he must have planted the drugs for Hooch. Armed with this new information Steve and Becky go to see a solicitor and but the lawyer points out that without any concrete evidence they haven’t a hope. Realising they have some work to do Becky finds a photo of Slug and Steve promises to get copies made and distribute them round all the taxi drivers in Weatherfield in the hope they can track him down. Kevin and Sally go house-hunting in Cheshire but find everything too expensive. They return disappointed â€" but for different reasons. Joe heads off for the job centre but it’s a wasted trip. Jason bumps into Joe and asks him to help him clear out No.12. Joe’s only too happy to help as it will keep him busy and get him in Tina’s good books. David tells Joe that Gail was better off before she ever met him and Joe quietly wonders if David might be right. Meanwhile Tina proudly shows off the charm bracelet Jason’s bought her. Riddled with jealousy David takes the mickey. Norris insists on searching the internet for flights for Ramsay. Rita and Emily do their best to persuade Ramsay to change his mind and stay in Weatherfield. Elsewhere Claire and Ashley try to drum up interest in the charity fete whilst Jim and Andy say goodbye and leave Weatherfield.moreless
  • Thursday 6th August 2009

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    S 50 : Ep 155 - 8/6/09

    Sally berates Rosie for giving her a ring that wasn't hers to give but Rosie's unrepentant and starts to phone the police to report Fiz until Kevin stops her. Not believing Fiz's story that it was her who stole the car Kevin calls to see her and gets her to admit the truth about Chesney's involvement. Joe meets up with Len and the project manager at the flats. The project manager tells him he's unreliable and clearly unfit to work immediately firing Joe from the job. Gail comes home from work and finds Joe at home in a state visibly shaking as he explains he's lost his job. While Gail's back is turned, Joe steals the keys to the medical centre from her handbag and disappears. What is Joe planning to do? Jesse asks Sean for advice on how to deal with his forceful mother. Sean gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Jesse's trying to tell him he's gay meanwhile Julie overhears Jesse and Sean's conversation and is shocked also wrongly assuming that Jesse is gay. Elsewhere Jason, Tina and Eileen set off for the auction of the flat over the Kabin. Luke chats up Michelle and makes it clear his relationship with Rosie isn't serious. However Rosie is quick to break up their cosy chat and lay claim to her man!moreless
  • Weds 8th July 2009

    Full Episode

    S 50 : Ep 135 - 7/8/09

    As Sally makes preparations for her party Kevin's mind is very much on Molly. She calls in to see him at the garage just as a customer arrives with a posh car and asks Kevin to fix it. In a moment of madness Kevin insists Molly climb in the car so he can take her for a spin. They drive to a secluded spot but as passion takes over and they kiss they're shocked when a police officer knocks on the car window. Shaken by their brush with the law Kevin and Molly return to the street where Kevin finds the furious owner of the car there waiting for him. But all the risk taking has merely increased Kevin's ardour and he calls in the corner shop and drags her into the back room and kisses her. Swept away by his passion Molly agrees to a night in a country hotel with him. New mum Maria is tearful and wonders if she'll be able to cope alone with the baby. She's grateful when Tony offers to stay a bit longer – but is there more to his offer than meets the eye? Graeme furtively delivers Joe's painkillers but refuses to take payment and tells him it's a one-off as he's trying to go straight these days. Jason goes to see the bank manager about a mortgage but he's disappointed to find that he and Tina will need a 25% deposit. Meanwhile David's distraught over losing Tina and Ted does his best to comfort him. Elsewhere Pam gets Molly to phone Bill and set up the personal ad date with him so he won't know that it's actually Pam he's going to meet.moreless
  • Weds 25th Mar 2009

    Full Episode

    S 50 : Ep 60 - 3/25/09

    Natasha is all loved up after a night of passion with Tony but it is clear that he can't wait to get rid of her. Natasha boasts in the salon about her night at Tony's and Maria is surprised to find herself slightly put out by the idea. Later Tony comes round to see her and as they chat there is a closeness and ease that hadn't previously been there. But when Maria asks him to put his hand on her stomach and as he feels the baby kick he suffers a panic attack. Chesney gets a letter from school addressed to Fiz and he tries to hide it but he needn't have worried as Fiz is otherwise distracted by a letter from John Stape. She feigns disinterest but it is obvious she is affected by it. Peter needs to palm Simon off on Deirdre so he can spend the afternoon drinking – he tells her he wants to clean the flat but when she returns with Simon it is clear he hasn't done much tidying. She hides her concern but after she has gone Peter falls and bangs his head scaring poor Simon. Peter tries to lighten the mood but it is clear he is not fit to care for a child. Ken spends a lovely few hours with Martha and she invites him to the theatre the following evening and suggests he stay the night. Ken is immediately uncomfortable and guilt ridden but Martha feels foolish believing she has rushed things.moreless
  • Weds 7th Jan 2009

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    S 50 : Ep 5 - 1/7/09

    Michelle can't stop herself from smiling after the night she and Steve have just spent together. By contrast Becky is back at the café feeling sad and lonely and waiting to hear from Steve. Hayley tries to tell her that things might be taking a little longer than expected so when Steve arrives at the café she is delighted and doesn't give him chance to explain what has happened before dragging him to the bedroom. Afterwards an exhausted Steve chickens out of coming clean and simply asks her to stay away from the Rovers for a while. Things are getting worse for Joe and when David asks him for his wages he tells him that he's be better going to the job centre. Later Joe talks to Bill about the labouring work on the building project but asks Bill to tell people he is kitchen fitting Molly tells Tyrone that her dad will miss the wedding and asks Pam to give her away – and when Jackie appears with her bags packed they are all glad they are finally going to see the back of her – but then Molly has a change of heart. Tara tells Amber and Molly the plans she is making for their joint 18th birthday party and hen night but Dev feels uneasy when Tara tells Amber that she got a new car for her 18th. Will Amber be disappointed with what Dev has got her?moreless
  • Dead Weight

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 10/27/71

    A famous general kills an associate because he fears he will expose his illegal business practices. A somewhat neurotic divorcee witnesses the murder and reports it. The general then woos her and makes her fall for him, causing her to change her story.moreless
  • Log 93: Once A Junkie

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 11/22/69

    Valuable informant/ex-convict TeeJay vehemently denies accusations of assaulting a priest, dealing drugs, and stealing a gun after being fired from his dish-washing job at Duke's Longhorn Café. Malloy and Reed set out to determine if his story, which is full of suspicious coincidences, is actually true.

  • Flipper and the Fugitive (2)

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 15 - 1/14/67

    After returning home to find a fugitive holding Porter and Sandy hostage, Bud sends Flipper for help.
  • Flipper and the Fugitive (1)

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 14 - 1/7/67

    Flipper leads Porter and Sandy to a man stranded on a beach after a storm. The man, who is wanted by the police for bank theft, takes Porter and Sandy hostage at the rangers station.moreless