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  • Great acting

    He is great at what he does on the Office. He is a savvy lad that is extremely charming as far as roleplaying... something that the acting world needs more of. He comes off genuine, a romantic businessman... and that is cool to me!
  • An unbelievable actor!

    John Krasinski was born in Newton, MA, a true beantown lover. John has stared in many popular T.V. show's and movies. He just recently made a movie with Robin Williams called "Liscence To Wed". I feel that his best role, however, is in The Office. He plays Jim, a business man at a zany paper store. But throughout his day, Jim plays tricks and pranks on other members of the office, along witht the help of Pam (Jenna Fischer). Every day, he finds out some way to entertain himself, and he does! You will love John in any production he is in.
  • John has this indefineable charm that just radiates off him during every role he takes.

    John is one of the most charming actors I have ever seen. acting comes so naturally to him and he makes it look effortless, which is part of where his charm comes from. He can be such a character, a real card at times but I can also seeing him shining in more dramatic roles. I am anxious to see what kinds of part he takes as the years go by, I'm sure he will pick some great things that show off all the different sides to his personality and his skills. Or at least I hope he does. As Jim Halpert on The Office he puts a lot of himself into the character, I love his on screen chemistry with co-star Jenna Fisher they play off one another very well and you can just see that he has fun with the role and doesn't take himself to seriously. A lot of young actors today have that problem and it's just nice to see an actor who isn't so jaded and affected. We need more like John.
  • :D

    John Krasinski is amazing. He has done so much with the development of Jim's character and of the Jim and Pam story through the looks on his face alone. His reactions to the office around him are a major part of what make The Office such a funny show. Outside of The Office, John has been seen playing major roles in License to Wed and A New Wave. Both movies kind of stunk, but I would watch them both again because John Krasinski did an amazing job portraying his character in each. He was the saving grace for both those movies. It is time for him to star in a good movie, then he would really be able to shine ;)
  • Takes acting to the next level...

    John Krasinski is a fantastic actor. He can play any role, and he has his own style. There is just something about John Krasinski that makes him one of a kind. He like no other and that is why he is my favorite actor. You can see him in many different genres and still love him. He can play in a movie or in a tv show and you will still like him the same. You can tell that this man is very talented and will be known forever. Even in his interviews he is funny which is great for everyone. I haven't heard of anyone that doesn't like him. John Krasinski: America's Favorite Actor!
  • John Krasinski: Greatest Actor Ever

    John Krasinski is one of the greatest actors of our time, he is amazing in every movie he's done, and of course in the greatest show ever "The Office"! But sadly he, and the many other cast members of "The Office", are completely underrated! By that I mean that I know so many people who don't even know who he is, and have never heard of "The Office"! They need to crawl out from under their rocks and take in the sunlight of greatness that is John Krasinski and "The Office"! Also, he's completely adorable, everyone needs a little JKras in their lives! :)
  • He is one of the, if not the best character on the show.

    I saw him on a few talk shows, and he is pretty funny in real life too. He seems like one of those naturally funny people who are't trying to hard to be funny, I think that makes a person funny. He might just be a naturally goofy person, in a good way, and I think he would be good in other comedy's or even in a comedy movie, as a supporting actor, maybe even as the main role. That guy is hilarious. I'm not sure tv shows or movies he has been in, but he is pretty funny on this show.
  • John Krasinski plays currently plays Jim Halpert on The Office.

    John Krasinski is definitely one of the most tallented actors in Hollywood today. He's very versitile. He is very good at being comedical or very dramatic. John really shines in the role of Jim Halpert. Whenever he's in a very dramatic scene, you can always feel his emotions. Whether he's doing something that's very dramatic or funny, he always knows the perfect way to play a scene. John really knows how to deliver a very emotionally captivating performance. John is very gifted, and he deserves to be showered with awards for his acting. John definitely deserves on a spot on the A-List right next to Brad Pitt.
  • I didn't want to like him...but I do!

    I didn't want to like him. Tim on the British version of the Office was perfect, and I though the American version was going to screw everything up. But John has brought so much to the part of Jim, and his chemistry with the rest of the cast is amazing. He's a great actor (his side looks to the camera on the Office are perfect, and his smaller role in Duane Hopwood was good too) and I look forward to seeing him in future projects!
  • Its undeniable... John Krasinski is an amazing actor. So talented. As of season 2 of the Office his best performances are those from the episodes titled "Booze Cruise" and "Casino Night". I give him an extra credit.

    John Krasinski is going to be a big thing. I have to say that of all actors in the entire world he is my favorite. He\'s smart, talented, and exremely funny. Being extraodrinarily handsome doesnt hurt. On the Office, his character is so well developed that its easy to forget the man behind the character. That can be rare. If John Krasinski wants to advance higher in his career, I have no doubt that it will be possible. I\'d just like to hope that he never changes from the sensible, lovelable, talented guy that I know and love.
  • Plays Jim Halpert in The Office, AKA my favorite show.

    John Krasinski. He is actually a man i would DREAM to be my husband. Ok, not to focus on my love interests:

    John plays Jim Halpert on the Office (NBC). Every woman that watches the show has a crush on him, because of his qualities. He is sweet, adorable, and incredibly funny. Him and Jenna Fischer really make the show what it is.
    John's facial expressions are priceless. They make me laugh every time i watch them.
    He really knows how to act. Watching John is like watching a hilarious, sweet man not knowing he is on camera.

    Really one of the best actors on television.