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  • John Kricfalusi is the creator of THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW(1991),THE RIPPING FRIENDS(2001) and the more recent REN AND STIMPY ADULT PARTY CARTOON(2003), among other flash cartoons(THE GODDAMN GEORGE LIQUOR PROGRAM(1996)and WEEKEND **** HUNT(1997))

    John "John K." Kricfalusi is indeed the more talented Co-Star voicing Ren Hoek in "The Ren and Stimpy Show" in the 1991-1993 seasons,1 & 2(After that he was fired by Nickelodeon who was tired of having to censor nearly every spisode and having John miss all his deadlines(which happened partially to the fact that John and Nick were arguing over censorship for such long periods of time) and Ren's voicing went to (at the time) Stimpy voice Billy West)John K. returned in June, 2003 for the short-lived "The Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon", and he proved once again that he was the more talented co-star(voicing Ren Hoek again), although alongside new Stimpy voice, Eric Bauza.(Billy West declined John's offer to return as Stimpy)