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  • From his first TV show to his last movie John Larroquette has shown he can play any role and still be John Larroquette.

    One of the all time greats. No matter the role or how bad the writing Mr. Larroquette always give us his best. He can play any role and still be himself at the same time. Why we don't see more of him with all of the poor actors out there who seem to be working all the time is hard to understand. When you ask someone to list thier top 10 many times Mr. Larroquette is not on their list. But when you say "What about John Larroquette?" More times than you get " Oh yes. He on my list."
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    Two years ago I became a huge John Larroquette fan when I came across the Night Court marathon on TV Land. Since then I've spent those two years watching about 25 to 30 years worth of his material. He's one of the greatest actors I've ever watched, but I'm sad to say as of recent he's been sliding. McBride and Boston Legal have been both unimpressive. Carl Sack was supposed to be this excellent, wonderful addition to Crane Poole & Schmidt, but he only came off as wishy-washy, two-faced, hollow and lovey dovey. I'd like to believe that Carl Sack is based on Dan Fielding during the "breakdown" story arc. Remember when Dan went nice and how creepy it was? This is Carl Sack in a nutshell.
    Boston Legal aside, John is cool and if you don't like Boston Legal, don't let that deter you from discovering his earlier works. He was a wonderful actor during his peak in the 80s and 1990s, but I think that Joey Heric killed his energy. The role was the most dramatic and engaging of his entire career! After that, anybody would a lot to live up to!
  • The Genius behind Dan Fielding

    I have to say it, I loved pretending and improvising comedy as Dan Fielding, and if it was that fun for me, I imagine just how fun it was for John Larroquette to create him. Although he has been fairly typecast by the role and his looks are no longer close to the thin, dark-haired prosecuter, Larroquette is still recognizable even with his white hair and full face. He's an incredible comic genius having played everything from a cop on Three's Company to father on other shows. John brought Dan to life, and that made him a major star in my mind.
  • John L. is very talented. He does slap stick, serious movies etc. Always wanted to see all his movies, watched all his T.V. serier's and anything that had anything to do with him. An Actor that is believable in any roll he's on.

    In person, he is extremely nice (funny) but mostly, a great man who knows himself, will help anyone he can and has over come more than the average person would ever be able too. Meeting him in the airport on one of my many apperances on the Regis Philbin talk show about my brittle bone disorder. this will always be remembered for as long as this life holds for me. Cannot wait to watch hime on "House". He will be a great assett for the show, no matter what roll he plays. Serious or comedy. He is a great Actor.
  • One of the greatest sitcom actors of all time. He won 4 emmys in four consecutive years, the only other person who did the same was Candice Bergen who won 5 consecutive. He played a great sleazeball on Night Court, Dan Fielding. He's one Great actor!

    One of the best actors ever. In the 1980's, Bill Cosby, Ted Danson and Michael J. Fox were the television heavyweights. Yet John Larroquette, quietly hushed away his competition in the mid to late 80's, by snagging 4 consecutive emmy awards. All of them consecutively, for best supporting actor. After winning his last award in 1988, he put himself off of the ballot in 1989 to give other actors a chance. Which just goes to show, how generous he is. However in NIght Court he was just hysterical as sex obsessed, District Attorney Dan Fielding. The show Night Court was a great show, and I think that his character made it even funnier. Almost every single funny episode of Night Court, has Dan Fielding stealing the spotlight, whether that includes being turned into a human pretzel or having to finish a pile of cases before midnight. John is a great versatile actor, who can pretty much play any role. In fact he won an emmy for his guest starring role on the Practice. One of the best actors ever, and in fact I think he's a better actor then Kelsey Grammar who portrayed "Frasier" for over two decades and only won 3 emmy awards, while Larroquette portrayed his character for about 6 years, and managed 4 emmy awards while competing against heavyweights like Michael J. Fox, and Grammar for the emmy for best supporting actor. Great actor!
  • He needed to be "Dan-like" on more shows!

    I really missed "Dan Fielding" after Night Court was gone. He is an exceptional actor who should be on more high rated shows. Joey, as an example, may have gotten higher ratings when he was on, yet he deserved to be win Emmy's for more shows like The Practice and West Wing. I was excited to see him get his own show, The John Larroquette Show, i was disappointed to see that in the new show John Larroquette went from down right funny to downer.