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  • One of the greatest sitcom actors of all time. He won 4 emmys in four consecutive years, the only other person who did the same was Candice Bergen who won 5 consecutive. He played a great sleazeball on Night Court, Dan Fielding. He's one Great actor!

    One of the best actors ever. In the 1980's, Bill Cosby, Ted Danson and Michael J. Fox were the television heavyweights. Yet John Larroquette, quietly hushed away his competition in the mid to late 80's, by snagging 4 consecutive emmy awards. All of them consecutively, for best supporting actor. After winning his last award in 1988, he put himself off of the ballot in 1989 to give other actors a chance. Which just goes to show, how generous he is. However in NIght Court he was just hysterical as sex obsessed, District Attorney Dan Fielding. The show Night Court was a great show, and I think that his character made it even funnier. Almost every single funny episode of Night Court, has Dan Fielding stealing the spotlight, whether that includes being turned into a human pretzel or having to finish a pile of cases before midnight. John is a great versatile actor, who can pretty much play any role. In fact he won an emmy for his guest starring role on the Practice. One of the best actors ever, and in fact I think he's a better actor then Kelsey Grammar who portrayed "Frasier" for over two decades and only won 3 emmy awards, while Larroquette portrayed his character for about 6 years, and managed 4 emmy awards while competing against heavyweights like Michael J. Fox, and Grammar for the emmy for best supporting actor. Great actor!