John Lasseter

John Lasseter


1/12/1957, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

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John Alan Lasseter



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John Lasseter was born January 12, 1957 in Hollywood, California. Growing up John's father worked as a Parts Manager at a Chevrolet dealership, and his mother was an art teacher. When John graduated High School, he enrolled at California Institute of the Arts, where he meet Brad Bird,…more


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    • John: (About Joe Ranft) Joe had a great passion for telling stories, and he told them better than anyone, He was funny, poignant, original, and he had an infallible sense for how to structure a story. Joe helped to make Pixar what it is today, and he helped us to elevate the craft of storytelling. He was a big part of our lives, and we loved him and loved working with him. It's hard to imagine a world without Joe Ranft and the joy and fun he brought to all of us on a daily basis.

    • John: (About Joe Ranft's death) This is not only a huge personal loss for all of us at Pixar, but a tremendous loss to moviegoers the world over.

    • John: (About the movie Ratatouille) It is about a rat that wants to be a fine chef in a top French restaurant in Paris. It is a wonderful story about following your passions when all the world is against you. A rat to a kitchen is death; a kitchen to a rat is death.

    • John: Let me tell you a funny story. I took the family to see this film one weekend, I'll go to see almost any film that's good for the whole family. And so we're sitting there watching this film, which I won't name, and there are long stretches that are just not very entertaining. My little son - he was probably 6 at the time was sitting next to me, and right in the middle of this dull section, he turns to me and says, "Dad? How many letters are in my name?" I must have laughed for five minutes. I thought, Oh, man, this movie has lost this little boy. His mind has been wandering, trying to figure out how many letters there are in his name. So I told my wife, Nancy, what he said, and she started laughing, and then the story went down the row through my whole family, our four other sons, and we're sitting there as a family giggling and laughing. And I thought to myself, If ever a child anywhere in the world leans over to their daddy during one of my movies and asks, "How many letters are in my name?" I'll quit.

    • John: From the beginning, I kept saying it's not the technology that's going to entertain audiences, it's the story. When you go and see a really great live-action film, you don't walk out and say 'that new Panavision camera was staggering, it made the film so good'. The computer is a tool, and it's in the service of the story.

    • John: Andrew Stanton always said that 2-D animation became the scapegoat for bad storytelling, but you can make just as bad of a movie in 3-D.

    • John: (About the movies that he makes) We make the kind of movies we want to see, we love to laugh, but I also believe what Walt Disney said 'for every laugh there should be a tear'. I love movies that make me cry, because they're tapping into a real emotion in me, and I always think afterwards how did they do that?

    • John: When I was in high school I read this book called ,The Art of Animation, by Bob Thomas, it's all about the Walt Disney studio and the making of Sleeping Beauty. I read this and it dawned on me - wait a minute, people do animation for a living?

    • John:(about making the movie Cars) I learned that the journey in life is a reward, It's about living every day to its fullest, and I knew that's what I wanted the film to be about.

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    A founder of PIXAR one best animation studio. PIXAR has mastered the 3-D animation style, and they know how to make a movie, take thier time and make it good. Lasseter has also directed many of PIXAR's feature films. Overrall this man deserves 5 stars!
  • Producer/writer of so many great pixar movies

    John Lasseter one of the co-founders of the pixar animation company, has mad alot of great movies, including Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monster Inc. Bugs Life and the new flim Cars. Hes a great producer/director, he has been a part of all Pixar movies to date, some of my favorites are Toy Story 1 and 2, and Monsters Inc. I'm looking forward to more movies in the future.moreless