John Layfield

John Layfield


11/29/1967, Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name

John Charles Layfield



Also Known As

Justin Bradshaw, John Layfield, John Bradshaw, John Bradshaw Leyfield, Justin Hawk Bradshaw, J.B.L., A True American Hero, Vampiro Americano, JBL, Death Mask, Bradshaw
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Layfield owns his own brand of energy drinks called "Mamajuana".

    • As of late 2006, he is WWE SmackDown!'s color commentator.

    • He is the nephew of WWE Hall of Famer, BlackJack Lanza.

    • He was ranked #5 out of 500 in the 2005 PWI 500.

    • June 11, 2006- At ECW One Night Stand, He anounced that he would be the new color commentator on SmackDown since Tazz left.

    • May 26, 2006- On SmackDown he lost the U.S. title to Bobby Lashley. Then later that night he lost to Rey Mysterio and was forced to quit SmackDown.

    • May 21, 2006- He lost to Rey Mysterio at Judgement Day trying to get the championship.

    • His former tag team partner Ron Simmons was Best Man at his wedding to financial analyst Meredith Whitney.

    • Previous Managers: Uncle Zebekiah, Skandor Akbar, The Jackyl, Jacqueline, Amy Weber, Orlando Jordan, Jillian Hall, The Undertaker.

    • He is a former WWE European champion.

    • JBL won the United States Championship from Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 22, pinning Benoit.

    • He entered the WWE as Justin Bradshaw, with Uncle Jeb.

    • Bradshaw hosts a Make-A-Wish Foundation Golf tournament in Tyler, Texas every year.

    • On June 5, 2004 at a live WWE event in Munich, Germany, Layfield made an attempt to get heat from the German crowd and started doing the Nazi "goose step". These sorts of gestures are against the law in Germany and offended many of the fans in attendance. CNBC fired John Layfield as a financial analyst after investigating the incident in Munich.

    • As a collegiate football All-American offensive lineman at Abilene Christian University, he played the last two games of his college career with a broken leg.

    • He is a former Part-time financial analyst for the Fox News Channel.

    • After winning the APA Bar Room Brawl at Vengeance 2003, he has been writing more and more for He also was on the winning side at Survivor Series, in a 5 vs. 5 match, as he teamed with John Cena, Kurt Angle, Hardcore Holly and Chris Benoit against Matt Morgan, A-Train, Big Show, Nathan Jones and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

    • He was ranked #496 in the "PWI 500" of the PWI Years 1979-1999.

    • He played pro-football for the Los Angeles Raiders.

    • He once nearly went bankrupt after a brief but well-paying stint in the NFL, and as a result, educated himself in stock trading. He's so successful in the stock market that he often advises other WWE Superstars on their own financial situations.

    • He is a former member of the Ministry of Darkness.

    • As one half of the Acolytes/A.P.A., was a multiple WWF Tag Team titleholder along with Ron Simmons.

    • He's 6' 6".

    • Nicknames:
      Blackjack Bradshaw
      John Hawk
      Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw
      Mr. Smackdown
      Wrestling God
      Justin Bradshaw

    • He lost the WWE Championship to John Cena at WrestleMania 21.

    • Career Highlights:
      WWE Champion (longest-reigning WWE Champion in 10 years, held from June, 2004 to April, 2005); World Tag Team Champion; Hardcore Champion

    • He once organized a Cabinet consisting of Orlando Jordan, as his Chief of Staff and The Basham Brothers as the Co-Secretaries of Defense.

    • He once defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Bull Rope Match to win the WWE Championship.

    • He was one half of the tag team, APA or the Acolytes Protection Agency, with his former partner, Farooq.

    • His Current Finishers are: The Clothesline From Hell and The JBL Bomb.

    • He was fired from his job at CNBC for his "Heil Hitler" Salute.

    • He used to be a football player.

  • Quotes

    • JBL: I'd have to wrestle and commentate. That's the only way my matches could be done justice.

    • JBL: Michelle McCool: The next Mrs. Layfield.

    • JBL: (To Cole) Take a closer look at your buddy. I wanna kill him. (About Jimmy Wang Yang)

    • JBL: That neanderthal with the bowling ball head and pea brain. (About Lashley)

    • JBL: Most of Matt's ex girlfriends are gonna be with Edge or someone like him. (About No Mercy)

    • JBL: I hate the frenchman because he's french, I hate Jimmy Wang Yang because he thinks he's a redneck and I hate you because I have to sit next to you every stinking week! (To Michael Cole)

    • JBL: The King has a 75% chance of losing!!!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! (About the Fatal-Four-Way match at No Mercy)

    • JBL: Tell Jimmy Wang Yang to leave and take Sylvan with him, and never come back.

    • JBL: Bingo! (JBL says this whenever Tatanka chest chops his opponent)

    • JBL: (To Rey Mysterio) I took a Championship off of your two buddies, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. You're the third, amigo! (To Kurt Angle) Or I will take it off of you. (To Rey Mysterio) Look at you. Look at you. No, I mean it. Look at you. That thing is bigger than you are! That thing will look real good on my right shoulder with this U.S. Championship on my left shoulder!

    • JBL: (to Jillian) Is this it? Where are the horns? The strings? The tenors? The Champagne? I am worthy of the New York Philharmonic, and you bring me a bunch of refugees from a big brother program! (to Jillian) (to kids) You people are not worthy, you bunch of inner-city idiots! I've supported you long enough, now get the hell out of my ring! Go to work! Go back to school!

    • JBL: Now kiss my ass, this show sucks! (at ECW One Night Stand 2006)

    • JBL: That dumb referee James Beard couldn't count to three! Him and Bronco Terrancharefereeasaurus! (Referring to Texan wrestling referee Bronco Lubich)

    • JBL: That's a seven-foot tall Clint Eastwood stepping in with two Jarassic Park giants!

    • JBL: It's the little bastard! I love the little bastard!

    • JBL: Being poor is bad. Staying that way is stupid.

    • JBL: Wa wa wa, somebody call a wambulance.

    • JBL: I am JBL! I am a self-made millionaire, a former WWE Champion, and a sexual tyrannosaurus!

    • JBL: (to Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker and Booker T) For God's sake, do I have to say this in Spanish, Hip Hop or Monster? None of you are getting my title!

    • JBL: (to Chris Masters) If you were any smarter... you would be a moron!

    • JBL: I came into this world alone and I will leave alone. I don't need a damn soul with me. Come Hell, come high water. Take your best shot, America. John "Bradshaw" Layfield is right here and I'm not going to back up from anybody!

    • JBL: You people and our media are exactly what' wrong with America. Americans are whats wrong with America. You people want me to fail because I am richer than you people, I am better looking than you people and what makes you the maddest is that I have a backbone. The whole world is against me right now. The media has villified me, CNBC has fired me and what makes you people the maddest is that I will not beg for a damn thing. I will not crawl, I will not back up. You can knock me on my ass and I will be back and that makes you people mad. Despite everything, I will come back and be successful. It is what I have done my whole life and that's why you people hate me.

    • JBL: Calling me anything other than a great American is like calling Mother Teresa a prostitute.

    • JBL: I might as well take the Fifth Amendment because the First Amendment doesn't mean a damn thing in society today. Everybody loves free speech...until you use free speech.

    • JBL: I think it's time that you stop listening to your Sunday school fairytales and start listening to Machiavelli who says that there is no right and no wrong in society and that people do things because they want something back! It's simple cause and effect. I understand that and that is why people like me run businesses, run industries, and people like me run governments.

    • JBL: Normal people never let their dreams get farther than their front door because they are afraid of failure. I have never been afraid of failure and I have never failed.

    • JBL: (about Chris Masters) He's built like Tarzan; I will make him look like Jane!

    • JBL: I am here to make an impact!

    • JBL: You are not in my league!

    • JBL: You couldn't kick my ass if I was tied to a tree!

    • JBL: Since I have been WWE champion there has not been a terrorist attack against this country...

    • JBL: I smell like smoke, son, because I have been through fire!

    • JBL: There are legends, there are Hall of Famers and there are all-time greats, but there is one, and only one, wrestling god!

    • JBL: I am "Mr. SmackDown!"

    • JBL: I am who I say I am, and I'm indeed a wrestling... god!

    • JBL: I say what I do and I do what I say!

    • JBL: I am a wrestling... god!

    • Bradshaw: I don't feel pain, but I guess you will...

    • Bradshaw: 'Cause we need beer money!

  • John Bradshaw Layfield

    In my opinion, JBL is plain underrated. He is the perfect heel. He is big, strong, and plays a great bully character. He always entertains me in the ring, and is a worthy main eventer. Back in the APA days, no one would expect 'Bradshaw' to become a future world champion. But really even then he had the potential, all he needed to do was turn heel. He is a little bit slower now than he was a few years back, but his character has always been top notch. If you don't see what I mean, just check out some of his matches with Eddie Guerrero, or Rey Mysterio. He is underrated, and one of my favorite WWE superstarsmoreless
  • The most entertaining color commentator ever since Jerry the King Lawler.

    When JBL entered the WWE as Bradshaw part of the Acolytes Protection Agency, I did not expect anything big from him, as Farooq was the one who did most of the talking. But when the beer drinking face turned on Farooq, he became an alternate persona, one that resembles him in real life. This man became Johnathan Bradshaw Layfield the Third, and becane a heel WWE champion for a lengthy year beating many men at the top. However, while JBL maintaine main event level status, there was nothing special to note of his in ring work besides the fact that he can talk the talk. Well now JBL's words are put to use as he is the humorous color commentator for Smackdown alongside the bland Michael Cole, and together they make the strongest commentating team that the WWE has seen in a while. JBL often critiques wrestlers for what he thinks is a bad quality of them and as an avid wrestling fan, one can only agree with the comical gestures that truly makes Smackdown better than Raw or ECW.moreless