John Legend

John Legend


12/28/1978, Springfield, Ohio

Birth Name

John Stephens



Also Known As

John Legend
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Neo-soul singer and pianist John Legend combined the raw fervor of contemporaries Cody ChesnuTT and the burning precision of D'Angelo. Born John Stephens, Legend was a child prodigy who grew up in Ohio, where he began singing gospel and playing piano at the tender age of five. Legend…more


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    • John Legend: (revealing he would like to collaborate with Paris Hilton) I bought her single Stars are Blind. I thought it was a great song and should have done better even than it did. I'd do a song with her. It would be an interesting experience.

    • John Legend: I think I'm happier, not just because of winning Grammys and selling records, but because it's really fulfilling to have all these things happen with something you love to do. To have the chance to see your music be elevated and to have almost universally positive response to that music, makes me feel better every day. I feel more confident and inspired, and that's fun. I'm feeling truly creative and I'm hoping that feeling will stay around, because my hope and belief is that most people are down to grow and explore with me.

    • John Legend: (About his album 'Once Again') I want them to hear that I've grown. That I'm trying to take them to new places and to be excited about that. This album is an expansion more than anything else. I'm trying to be me and embrace all the parts of me that have grown up, listened to more music and soaked up more influences. Get Lifted was me then. This is me now.

    • John Legend: (about his second album Once Again) It's not dramatically different, but I think people will see it as a growth and an extension for me. It's a richer sound. The production is more developed. I just tried to do it with the highest standards of quality.

    • John: I always saw myself as a singer-songwriter, a solo-artist, that's why working with other artists was never satisfying for me.

  • One of the few musicians who knows how to write and sing his own songs.

    John Legend might be the next "Stevie Wonder" of the 21st Century, and for very good reasons.

    One, he knows how to write a good song, and each of them turns up to be original R&B song.

    Second, his voice is sad yet soulful to anyone who listens to them, and it has a very good beat to it.

    Finally, he is talented when it comes with his own piano, which help to coordinate the song he is playing.

    So, if you want a song to cheer up, I suggest an album from Legend.moreless