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  • Great person with great talent

    I loved John Leguizamo is the Kill POint. That show jsut finished but I loved every episode of him. He was such an emotiona charater and kind but strict character. He was also unpredictable. But I also likes him in Super Mario Bros. He was funny in that one. But he himself seems to also be a pretty good person. He has a nice accent and a nice face. I love his face. My opinion he is kinf of hot. But some people dont think so. He also is the kind of character that you can dress up as anything and he could play that part well. I love John leguizamo, and I wish to see him on tv more.
  • Cute, Talented, and Nice Accent

    John Leguizamo has been one of my favorites since I have seen the movie The Pest. He has so much talent. He was really great on ER, and can play a different variety of roles. He has good movies in every genre from Horror to comedy to Romance. For example he has a horror movie- Land of the Dead.... a whole bunch of comedies, One being my favorite movies the PEST. He is also very cute. He has a great accent *(especially in one of my favorite movies- EMPIRE). I think he is worth seeing, if you don't watch his movies now, time to go rent one.
  • muy caliente!

    John Leguizamo has been one of my favorite actors and comedians for as long as I can remember. His creativity is astonishing, and his looks are stunning! Though he is an "indie celebrity", he is one of the most admirable out there. When I heard his CD "Live", I laughed out loud, and he took my breath away with his charm and deliverance in Baz Lhurmann's "Romeo + Juliet." I personally enjoy his dramatic performances to his comedic ones, which is why I was compelled to watch this past season's "ER." He added depth and mystery to Dr. Victor Clemente, something that good actors can rarely do with their characters on television. John Leguizamo is extremely sexy, attractive, and talented, which is why I think he should have a long, successful career.
  • I would like to know when they will release dvd's on spic o rama and mambo mouth. He is very funny and cute I love to any movie he puts out cause he is a great entertainer.

    when I first saw him in his first hbo comedy, I laugh so hard because he looks great when he dressed like a woman. I don't think he gets enough credit. He has a great talent and is very underated. I want to be able to find more of his dvd in stores, especially is early years.