John Lehr





Overland Park, Kansas

Birth Name

John Lehr




Born November 25, 1967 In Overland Park, Kansas John Lehr is a man of many talents, From Writer to Producer and performer working in television, film and theater in both Los Angeles and in New York. John's written a number of projects and created two pilots and is selling one to a network and the other to cable. But as an actor john has appeared in numerous television series and feature films. His monologues have sold out shows in LA and NY and have gotten him critical acclaim, He's wraped up his off-broadway one man show called "The lehr curse".

As a writer John's first script was "electric highway" which Former NBC CEO Brandon Tartikoff produced and "news weasels" on The E! Channel Network. John did double duty in the film "Humanoid" in which he co-wrote and starred with David Schwimmer who Produced the film, John and his wife jennifer created the half-hour show "Monogamy American " but gave it to 20th century fox instead and created/hosted another show called "Garage Sale," on ABC Family. In 2003 john did triple duty this time, creating/starred and executive produced the pilot for FBC Called "Empyrean way."

In 2004 NBC purchesed john's sitcom "Nature/Nurture" for Dark Harber Stories which was produced by David schwimmer.

In 2006 John's latest sitcom "10 Items or Less" Debut on TBS, he did tripple duty for this show as well as creator/executive producer and Staring in the show, it was produced by sony pictures teleivision. John and His wife Jennifer are writing and executive producing a pilot script for a show called "Ill-Equipped for a life of sex" for ABC.

As an actor john's previous appearances included: Christina Applegate's brother on the short lived NBC Show "Jesse", Host of ABC's Reality show "I'm a celebrity... get me out of here" and "Oliver Beene" On FOX. His past work included Both Television and Films such as "Once & Again", "Friends", "The Sweetest Thing", "Highball" and "Mr. Jealousy" just to name a few.

As a performer Lehr has worked at Steppenwolf theater in Chicago, the Montreal comedy festival and Chicago improvisational festival along with multiple venues in LA and NY. In 2003 he won the audience choice award for "memron" an entirely improvised film in which he starred and associate produced, in the 2003 Slamdance film festival.
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