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  • John Lithgow is such a funny actor!

    I love John Lithgow in 3rd Rock from the Sun, playing Dick Solomon! No one could have played that part better! I also love him as the voice of Lord Farquad in Shrek. He has a voice that is recognizable. He is one of a kind. He plays his characters so well. He is mostly comic but does some drama too. John also is a comic for little kids. He writes stories and sings songs for them! He is awesome!
  • Great actor, in every kind of roles! SPOILER ALERT

    I knew John Lithgow from the series "Third rock from the Sun", and then i recognized him in other series and movies, appreciating his acting abilities and his versatility. While in the comedy show he performed perfectly as the commander of the four aliens, so overwhelmed by human feelings new to him, such as love and anger, i understood how great he is as an actor watching him jump from a character to another (especially in theatrical movies), always with remarkable results. He's definitely a very talented actor (you should imagine it just by reading his acting biography), not only because of his performance in "3rd rock" -which is by itself a demonstration of his immense talent, due to the fact the series story implied for his character a strange personality susceptible to perpetual shifting-, but also for the plurality of roles he played.
    It's a shame i couldn't watch him play on a Broadway stage!
  • John is one in a million!

    He is such an amazing comic actor, I love his work on 3rd Rock from the Sun.