John Lupton





8/23/1928 , Highland Park Illinois, USA



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John Lupton was a film and television actor from Highland Park, Illinois; he was born on August 23rd, 1928 and passed away on November 3rd, 1993. Lupton received his formal training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Shortly after his graduation, he signed a contract with MGM. After the contract expired, Lupton appeared on several television series broadcast by CBS and ABC; these included the sitcom "The Halls of Ivy" and "Broken Arrow," a western series. His film credits include the biblical epic "The Greatest Story Ever Told," "The World's Greatest Athlete," "The Young Runaways" and " The Secret of the Lost Valley." Lupton was a handsome man who cut a dashing figure on the screen. As a young actor he was often compared with luminaries James Stewart and Henry Fonda, although his career never achieved similar heights. John Lupton died in 1993 at age 65, and his work in the entertainment industry is immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.