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  • I couldn't imagine LA w/o Miguel and then they brought on AJ!!!!

    It is pure genius that they have brought AJ into NCIS LA! You've been absent from tv for far too long! Then you being teamed up w/James Remar! I sure hope they make your roles permanent ! I am really enjoying what you are bringing to the show. All the characters in LA are so different and each actor brings their A-game. And I have to add that I believe sandbar has it backward since you were in JAG before NCIS ever aired so Jethro Gibbs reminds me of AJ! Love the show!
  • I loved "The Admiral"...he WAS JAG to me. When he left the show so did I.

    "Chegwidden" kind of reminds me of "Jethro Gibbs" and both of them are my kind of character!
    I loved JAG and the Admiral was one of my favourite characters. He was like the anchor for the series, seemingly in control of an out of control group of navy-lawyer types, running interference for them and for the right. He kept "the dark side" at bay.
    I have seen a few other tid-bits of John Jackson here and there but I miss him on a regular basis and I was totally disappointed on how his departure from JAG was handled. He could have...SHOULD have...gone with a bit more flare whether "The Admiral" would have liked it or not!
    He could totally carry a series on his own and someone needs to wake up and smell the potential Emmy! At least some NCIS episodes for instance?
    Just a thought...
  • He is totally believable and I miss him on the re: current shows..Why is he out of the cast?..What have I missed?....His parts were well written, his presence commmanding, he is a pro in the best sense..I want him back! Please..the chemistry was great wi

    Where is THE CAG?..J JAckson is commanding, professional..fits the part to a T....and sexually appealing as well..what more can we ask...Parts were well written, and well acted, totally believable.....mature, reasonable, vulnerable Ideal! What have I missed?...and I miss Buds wife as well, why are these highly competent actors among the missing.....Thank you for continuing the series and Harm is of course highly necessary....the new guy looks and sounds too much like him...imitation is unneccessary..We have enjoyed the show for many years and like M*A*S*H, and Hill STreet Blues, one of the best TV has to offer....VIVA Dick Wolff and friends!