John Marshall Jones

John Marshall Jones


8/17/1962, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

John Marshall Jones Jr.



Also Known As

J.J. Jones, John Marshall, J.J., John Marshall Jones Jr.
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Born 1962, John Marshall Jones has compiled an impressive list of credits since coming to Hollywood from Chicago's Second City Theatre Ensemble. His feature film credits include a co-starring role in Sgt. Bilko opposite Steve Martin and roles in the films She's So Lovely, Con Air, White Men…more


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    • John Marshall Jones: You can be the world's greatest actor, but you may never be discovered if you don't learn how to audition.

    • John Marshall Jones: Mastering the audition is your bridge to stardom.

    • John Marshall Jones: (About auditions) The audition does not start the moment you walk in the room, the audition begins when you receive the material.

    • John Marshall Jones: For the last 15 years, I've been one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.

    • John Marshall Jones: It's funny, when I chose acting as my profession I was warned that 90% of actors were unemployed. You know what? That warning didn't stop me, it motivated me! From that day forward I made it my business to learn everything I needed to know to push my way into that top 10% of money making actors.

    • John Marshall Jones: Hollywood is the only place in the world where you can show someone a bar of gold and they'll tell you it's a turd. But if you go out and make a million dollars with it you can go back to that same person, show them a turd, and they'll tell you it's a bar of gold.

  • Wonderful Father Actor

    John Marshall Jones is a little non actor. Though he has guest starred in many roles, I know him best as the father on Smart Guy. He plays a single father raising three kids (2boys, 1 girl). He is an execellent example for single parents dealing with kids in the real world.