John Masius





Scarsdale, New York

Birth Name

John Masius




In 1978 John Masius left his job as a waiter at the behest of Bruce Paltrow to join the production team for the series The White Shadow. He started as a gofer, and over the course of three years he added writing and producing to his resume.

He started working on the series St. Elsewhere in 1982 as producer and writer with Bruce Paltrow and Tom Fontana. St. Elsewhere was different from previous medical dramas helping it to enjoy six seasons on the air. When the series ended he and Paltrow worked on the drama Tattinger's, but it only survived for one season, and it’s dismal follow up “Nick & Hilary” lasted only two episodes.

John developed, produced, and handled the creative and writing work for the pilot Ferris Bueller (based off the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off) in 1990. The show didn’t get picked up so he moved on to as the writer and creative consultant for Brooklyn Bridge. He only worked on the show for it’s first season.

In 1992 John started work on the established show L.A. Law, then in it’s seventh season. The series was already having problems and they continued during his tenure, he was fired partway through the season.

In 1994 he helped create the hit series Touched By an Angel, but was fired for differing views on how the series should be written. He then worked on The Single Guy starting in 1995 followed by The Visitor in 1997, neither show was well received by audiances.

His luck picked up with Providence in 1999, a mid-season replacement show that did very well. Most recently he was the executive producer and story writer for Dead Like Me.