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John Mese was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After graduating from the Masters of Fine Arts program at Louisiana State University, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he began appearing in film and television. John as appeared in such high-profile television series as Law &…more


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    • John provides the voice of Corporal Dixon in the video game Call of Duty 3, a hugely popular video game franchise for PC, XBox, X360 and PS2.

    • John and his wife Dawn just released their third book in the Flippy the Tadpole series entitled, "Through Flippy's Eyes".

    • Brooke Shields is a big fan of John's "Flippy & Toadpole" series of children's books. The two worked together on the made-for-TV movie Gone But Not Forgotten in 2004 after Brooke had just had her first child. She and daughter loves the books so much, she even provided a testimonial for the Flippy and Toadpole web site.

      Brooke Shields: They're the only books my daughter makes me put in her crib when she goes to sleep. She won't go to sleep without one of them... Her little blanket and her little Flippy books. She just loves them.

      Also, when Brooke appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to discuss her battle with postpartum depression, the interview included video segments of she and her daughter. In one segment, you can see her daughter walking down the stairs holding the "Flippy & Toadpole" book and in another you can see Brooke reading the book to her.

    • John is an Apple Macintosh user. He uses his Powerbook G4 for just about everything in his day-to-day life as an actor. From auditions for new roles to making various edits on his short film, Perfect Day, John finds his Mac an indispensable tool.

    • John wrote and directed a short film entitled Perfect Day, which was filmed in John's home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in June 2005.

    • John appeared in the Pilot for the WB show, starring Don Johnson, "Just Legal". John starred as Det. James Walsh and had the series not been cancelled, his role would have been a recurring one.

      John: I played Detective James Walsh, and was sort of an antagonistic dark shadow from Don Johnson's past... But since they cancelled the show... I never got to do another episode. "

    • John just finished shooting an episode on FOX's "Bones" entitled The Superhero in the Alley. The episode is scheduled to air on February 28th, 2006

    • Although John's first appearance on television was as "Roger Rose" on Alien Nation in 1989, his first "Big Break" came in 1991 when he was cast as Marlee Matlin's love interest, in the NBC series Reasonable Doubts.

    • Although John currently lives in LA, he still makes an annual trip to his home town of Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

    • John currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

    • John's 2001 movie, Song of the Vampire, was released on DVD under the title Vampire Resurrection. John played the role of "Police Officer Ben".

    • John had a memorable role as "Sheriff Phil Adderly" in the episode "Chimera" of FOX series The X-Files.

    • John's first appearance on television came in November, 1998. Shortly after graduating from LSU and moving to LA, he played "Roger Rose" in the FOX series "Alien Nation". The episode where John was featured was "Eyewitness News" (episode #1-16).

    • John starred in the HBO mini-series From Earth to the Moon in 1998. John played the role of Astronaut Donn Eisele. This was HBO's most expensive production to date with a budget of over $68 Million dollars. It is also on's "essential video" list.

    • John co-starred in the made-for-TV movie Gone But Not Forgotten in 2004. John played the role of Randy Highsmith, acting opposite Brooke Shields (of "Suddenly Susan" fame).

    • John co-starred in the ABC Family made-for-TV movie Pizza My Heart in 2005, which was filmed in John's home state of Louisiana. John played the role of Jean Paul Veber.

    • John has been a member of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) since 1989.

    • John is one of only 21 actors that the LSU Department Of Theatre has considered to be "distinguished" in the field of acting since graduating from LSU. This list include all graduates since 1985.

    • With his wife, Dawn Kelsy, John has written two children's books: Flippy and Toadpole and On the Flippy Side with his close family friend, Chanler Holden.

      You can find more information about the Flippy series of books at

    • John Mese was awarded the "LSU Alumnus of the Year" award in 2000 from the LSU College of Music and Dramatic Arts, Department Of Theatre.

    • For "Sex and the City" fans, John is more commonly known as Mr. "Dejà-f***"

    • He was one of the actors in a Bud Dry commercial from the 90's. We see the perspective of a woman going on a series of blind dates. John's line in the commercial is "So there I was, so there I was, so there I was... in the congo."

    • John Mese attended Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    • John is good friends with fellow actor Joe Chrest. Both graduated from LSU in their MFA program and have often appeared on the same series, but on different episodes.

    • John attended Louisiana State University and was one of the first graduates of the Master of Fine Arts program.

    • John married Dawn Kelsey in June of 2004.

    • On the show American Gothic, John met and fell in love with fellow co-star Paige Turco. Shortly after the show was cancelled, the two became engaged. They went on to work alongside each other in the films Dark Tides and R2PC: Road To Park City before calling off their engagement in 2001.

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