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  • Thank Heavens for Netflix (and John Nettles)

    Nettles is a superb actor, and I would be pleased to see him in ANY theater, television or movie production. His presence adds warmth, strength of character, wit and brilliance to every part he plays. Let's see more of John Nettles, please!
  • growing up with Jim Bergerac

    i first started watching Bergerac as a small lad it was great. 20 years plus on i bought a box set off ebay quite cheaply, it was like i was that small child again it all came flooding back, i have been to jersey a few times as a child. its a lovely place to go.and will go again one day, i have not seen what john netties looks like now,till the other day hes not really aged at all still a good looking bloke,what ever john nettlies acts in its allways good a top rated actor and british too, thank you john for all that great tv,
  • Nettles is one of the few actors that has managed to transend time. For decades he has excelled in parts from rakish leading men to incredible characters . He\'s a venerable star that I wish would do more US TV and feature flms.

    John Nettles is a classic. I wish there were more of his ilk on U.S. TV. If so maybe more programs would last more than a few episodes or seasons. While I\'m a little outside of U.S. advertisers gen-x demographic, it\'s nice to be 54 and still have a hero on the silver screen.
  • John Nettles is a sweet and handsom Brittish actor you migh have seen in popular shows such as Midsomer Murders or French and Saunders.

    The first time I saw John Nettles was in Midsomer Murders and I absolutely fell in love with his acting immediately. There are so many layers of Tom Barnaby and John Nettles manages to capture them all in a magnificent way. Crime solvers are usually very easy to play since they are usually written to be very one dimensional. Tom Barnaby is far from one dimensional and John plays him well.

    Since my first encounter with John and Midsomer Murders I’ve tried to watch as many of his Tv performances as I possibly can. I haven’t been able to get my hands on all his work but I have to admit John has not disappointed me so far. I am a big fan of his work.

    I did however find a small flaw… It turns out John Nettles shares my love for crime shows on TV, such as CSI: Miami. It turns out he is a big fan of David Caruso’s acting, and lets just say… I am not.
  • John Nettles is a very talented actor, who has perhaps not been given the recognition he deserves.

    John Nettles is a very talented actor, who in my opinion, despite his success on the TV screen, has not been given the recognition he deserves. He now plays the lead in one of Britain's best selling TV series ever, Midsomer Murders, which can now be seen in about 200 countries. John started out as a classical actor in the theatre, and to see him on stage is pure pleasure. This is really where you understand what an incredibly talented man he is. I have been lucky to meet him quite a few times now, and he is not only talented, but also a very sympathtic and charming man with a big heart.