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  • WALTER!!

    Loved him as Walter in FRINGE! Was excited to see him in Sleepy Hollow!! More of John please!!

  • Best actor in years!

    I had seen Mr. Noble a few times on Dark Matters, and wondered who he is. I then found Fringe at Amazon, and wow! What a superb actor he is playing Walter Bishop. I hope he does a lot more of those kind of unconventional roles in the future. Kudos to the creators of Fringe. The series has so many underlying, thought provoking messages, that I hope it is the start of a new era of television. Thank you.
  • This is a great actor...

    There is much more to this actor then meets the eye. I find him and his voice so interesting... Why.... He seems so much like a Vincent Price lookalike and his voice too!!! We watch Dark Matters, a great show. You listen to John Noble's voice and even his much of a Vincent Price all about or like him. I'm still a bit from the ole school, and the actor Vincent Price was a cool actor. I actually thought John Noble could be related to Vincent Price, but I guess not. But he sure is a good double on him for sure. Both actors are great, although Vincent is no longer alive, John Noble, I feel is just as good. Kudos!!
  • Interesting, really interesting

    The role of Walter Bishop clearly suits and was made for John Noble. I am continually amazed by his pure skill in the potrayal of Dr. Bishop and it leaves me wanting to see more of his acting. I always find myself continually glued to the screen when fringe comes on and truth be said it is because I look forward to when I will capture more scenes with him in it. Of course it does help a lot that the show is amazing with an interesting story line and out of this world visual effects. Lastly I find most of the actors in the show quite good but Noble clearly stands out
  • Review

    "Is John Noble Sean Bean's dad in Lord of the rings?"
    said past efc91

    "No he's a great actor that has been around for years and is now playing one of the best characters around on TV" Replied now efc91

    That's right I just had a conversation with myself but all for the good of pointing out that John Noble is a talented actor. Now like I said he was Denethor on the fianl Lord Of The Rings (He was also in the extened cut of The Two Towers) and he was great in that, he played a powerful man that was corupted by evil and he could possibly have the best death scene in the whole trilogy.

    Lately we have seen him on our screens in JJ Abrams newish show Fringe he plays Walter Bishop. Walter was a former scientist that has been locked up for years due to his mental expriments. Noble is great as the wacky Walter he makes Walter a beleavible character that creates most of the shows comic scenes with his random outburst to his strange comments.
  • There should be a classification titled "Hugely Talented", and that would have been perfect for John Noble.

    What is it about stage actors? They just "get it". About how to instill depth and an almost tangible feeling to a character, and then project it successfully across the lights of a stage or a screen. I guess they are the true actors; true "artists".
    I think he has made "Walter Bishop " THE break-out character of this TV season. Such a complex character brought to life with such honest simplicity...and I don't mean "simple" in terms of intellect or fact I think anyone who can make a character like this flow so easily is quite brilliant.
    I think if there is not at least an EMMY nomination waiting for John Noble next year, that the fix is quite definitely in, in Hollywood!
  • The best part about Fringe.

    Mr. Noble absolutely nails his Walter character on Fringe. His interpretation of the writers character is a beautiful thing to watch. Well done. I had previously only known him visually from The Lord of the Rings. Fringe will make him an actor with a name and a face from now on. I would love to hear if he has a tremendous amount of fun playing his Walter character. It surely looks like it. I hope the show gets picked up for another season. I also hope he comes back. I don't think I would watch Fringe without John Noble. 100th word.