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    • [On the United States of America]
      John Oliver: It does seem a shame that some of the most wonderful things this nation was built on – free speech, a questioning of authority, and non conformity have somehow been twisted into being labeled 'Un-American'.

    • [On if there's any issue he'd like to personally tackle]
      John Oliver: I will tackle any issue. I see myself very much as the Reggie White of satire. If any issue tries to run through me, I will smack that [expletive] down before dancing arrogantly over the now unconscious issue shouting 'not in my house, baby'. I have made myself the promise that my work at The Daily Show will not be done until I have tackled every issue known to man and three others.

    • [His perception of the United States before he moved here]
      John Oliver: My political perception of the US was similar to that of the rest of the planet which was 'what on earth are you doing?' To paraphrase Oscar Wilde; 'To elect him once was unfortunate – to elect him twice was un-[expletive]-believable'.

    • [On if he gives money to panhandlers]
      John Oliver: Certainly. Of course, to do that I'd need to travel back in time to the last time the word panhandler was used. But once I'd achieved that, I'd certainly give them half a crown or so.

    • [On if brunch is a bad thing]
      John Oliver: Who on earth would be against brunch? What kind of sadistic cynic would set out their stall against a late breakfast? There are frankly bigger problems in the world than people enjoying a meal around eleven o'clock. Even the concept of that question is divisive. Is this country not polarized enough? Come on, this is just what the terrorists want.