John Paul Tremblay

John Paul Tremblay


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

John Paul Termbaly


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John Paul Tremblay currently plays the character "Julian" in the Canadian Television hit show The Trailer Park Boys. He grew up in Nova Scotia, being born in Halifax and then later moving across the harbour to the the Dartmouth suburb of Cole Harbour. It was in Cole Harbour…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • As well as acting in the series, John Paul Tremblay is also credited as a co-writer of the series The Trailer Park Boys.

    • John Paul Tremblay, although he has a french name, does not speak french.

    • John Paul Tremblay is 6'1" tall.

    • The Ford Bronco John Paul Tremblay drove in Season One of The Trailer Park Boys was his own vehicle. As well, the Mustang Convertible he drove in Season Three was also his own vehicle.

    • John Paul Tremblay's zodiac sign is Taurus.

    • Jean Paul Tremblay and fellow actor Rob Wells started experimenting in acting and directing by making their own short homemade films while while running a pizza restaurant on Prince Edward Island.

    • Whenever Jean Paul Tremblay and his fellow The Trailer Park Boys actors make official public appearances they always stay in character.

    • In the original The Trailer Park Boys movie pilot (1999) Jean Paul Tremblay played a pet assassin.

    • John Paul Tremblay's The Trailer Park Boys character Julian always wears a black shirt.

    • John Paul Tremblay's The Trailer Park Boys character Julian is never seen without a glass of rum and coke in his hand.

    • John Paul Tremblay's The Trailer Park Boys character Julian is never seen without a glass of rum and coke in his hand.

    • John Paul Tremblay actually grew up in the Halifax-Dartmouth suburb of "Cole Harbour" which is the fictional location where the series The Trailer Park Boys is located.

    • John Paul Tremblay is known to friends by the nicknames "JP" or "Jape".

    • John Paul Tremblay is three years older than his actor friend Rob Wells.

    • John Paul Tremblay's first acting role came in director friend Mike Clattenburg's award-winning short film, One Last Shot.

    • John Paul Tremblay's hobbies include motorcross, horseback riding and boxing.

    • John Paul Tremblay starting chumming around fellow actor Robb Wells and The Trailer Park Boys director Mike Clattenburg when they were in High School.

    • When John Paul Tremblay recently attended a biker strip club, one of the bikers bet him $20 that he was not the real Julian from The Trailer Park Boys. Of course, the biker lost the bet.

    • According to John Paul Tremblay, when he goes out to bar he cannot drink beer, as people insist that he drink rum and coke as his character does.

    • When John Paul Tremblay first met his actor friend Robb Wells he thought he was a "little dork".

    • John Paul Tremblay was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    • John Paul Tremblay, along with Robb Wells, once owned a chain of pizza restaurants on Prince Edward Island called J. R. Capone's. They have recently sold the chain and gotten out of the pizza business.

    • John Paul Tremblay once lived in a trailer park.

    • Married to Andrea Tremblay (Hurley). They have 3 children together.

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