John Paul Tremblay





Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

John Paul Termbaly




John Paul Tremblay currently plays the character "Julian" in the Canadian Television hit show The Trailer Park Boys.

He grew up in Nova Scotia, being born in Halifax and then later moving across the harbour to the the Dartmouth suburb of Cole Harbour. It was in Cole Harbour where he lived on the same street as his Trailer Park Boys co-star Rob Wells. Jean Paul and Rob went to the same high school, however Jean Paul, being three years older than Rob Wells, originally thought of Rob as a "little dork". Meanwhile, Rob Wells thought Jean Paul was a "greasy bastard who owned a dirt bike". But soon, they grew to be good friends. It was also in high school that John Paul and Robb started hanging around with future director Mike Clattenburg. Eventually the energy and ideas that they felt when they were young would enable them to create the hit television series The Trailer Park Boys.

Jean Paul Tremblay's first acting role was in Mike Clattenburg's short film, One Last Shot, in which Jean Paul played a criminal. This character would soon eveolve into his The Trailer Park Boys character "Julian". This role was soon followed by his role as Julian in the pilot of The Trailer Park Boys .

Jean Paul, also appeared as a fisherman in the feature film Virginia's Run.

Ultimately. the success of The Trailer Park Boys has opened many new doors for John Paul. Such credits include the role of Moe in the feature film Hole-In-One starring Meatloaf and Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek.

Also, together with Robb Wells and friend Mike Smith, John Paul was a featured guest on the cross-Canada Fear of the Trailer Park tour with rock band Our Lady Peace. He also starred in The Tragically Hip's music video, The Darkest One featuring Gord Downie and Don Cherry, and directed by Mike Clattenburg.

In October 2006, John Paul Tremblay's career will reach a milestone, as he stars as "Julian" in a Ivan Reitman produced feature length movie The Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, which will be released in wide distribution. After this, the sky will be the limit.