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  • Great voice actor too.

    Bad dancer but good actor.
  • Has appeared in every Pixar movie to date.

    John Ratzenberger, is an amazing actor, he has had a role in every Pixar movie released so far, he played the voice of Hamm in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, P.T Flea, in a Bug's Life, the Abominable Snowman in Monsters Inc, The school of Moonfish in Finding Nemo, The Underminer in The Incredibles, and Mack in Cars, he is also suppose to play in Ratatouille next year.

    John has acted in shows such as Cheers, and other shows, though I mostly know him from the Pixar movies, and every time I see a Pixar movie I look for his voice wondering what character he's playing next.

    John's characters also see to have to wittiest lines, no matter what character he plays and its always funny.

    I hope John returns as Hamm in Toy Story 3 because the movie would not be the same without him.