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  • Best known as Gimli in the lord of the rings trilogy

    John Rhys-Davies is a talented actor, Though The only movies I've seen him im are The Lord of the Rings Movies and The Princess Diaries 2. He brought humor to the character of gimli, at first he was a character I wasn't to crazy about because of his attitude towards elfs, nut as the movies progress I really started to like Gimli, espically his antics,he was like the comic relief of the trio. The Princess Diaries 2 he played Viscount Mabrey a vile man who wanted his son to take the crown. No matter what character he plays he does it well.
  • Pretty cool actor.

    I have seen both of the Indiana Jones movies with him doing Salleh and I have seen the episodes of SpongeBob where he does the voice of Manray. He has quite a big talent if you ask me. I can not wait for Indiana Jones 4 and any newer MM&BB episodes of SpongeBob with him doing the voice of Manray.