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  • John Ritter was an actor last known for playing Paul Hennessy on ABC's 8 Simple Rules.

    John Ritter was best known for portraying Jack Tripper on Three's Company. After that, he was known for playing the voice of Clifford on the PBS kid's show Clifford the Big Red Dog. He was also known for playing Paul Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules until his devasting death. His full name was Johnathan Southworth Ritter. In 1977, he married Nancy Morgan. They had three children together: Jason (born 1980), Carly (born 1982), and Tyler (born 1984). John had another child, Stella (born 1998) from his marriage to his second wife, Amy Yasbeck. His parents were well-known actor Tex Ritter and actress Dorothy Fay. I think John Ritter was a great actor, and always will be remembered.
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    Good actor that is certainly miss around the acting. His style was very cool and all of his wokr was always done with the passion of great actors. He did a lot of jobs and a lot of acting roles around his career, including movies like "The Problem Child" and "It", and in television with "8 Simple Rules" and "Scrubs". He certainly was one of the best comedy actors of our era. I really was sad when he died.
  • One of the most classic and hilarious men to ever act in the past few decades. Trully a remarkable man.

    When I first heard the news of John Ritter's death, I had a lump in my throat. I felt as if I had lost a role-model, or a hero. Although I'm only 14 years of age, and wasn't around for his days back on Three's Company, I became attatched to the show after viewing it several times on TV Land. By then, my family had bacome hooked on 8 Simple Rules, leading me to watch the modern John Ritter. Right as I had seriously begun to look up to him as one of my favorite actors of all time, he suddenly passed away. Though he may have left us, his priceless works are still alive all over television today.
  • I Loved John Ritter, He was my First Childhood Crush! I'll always love him and I miss him Dearly.

    I was born the same month/Year John's Show "Three's Company" Was a #1 Hit For ABC Back in Feb 1978 and I Watched this show when i was a year old up to It's cancellation, I still watch the Re-Runs on TV Land.

    I Loved John Ritter from when i first saw him on that show, he became my first childhood crush at the age of 2yrs old & I still love him to this day. He was truely one of the best actors in hollywood though some of his movies were not blockbuster hits, I didnt care I enjoyed just watching him in Problem Child and Stay Tuned (Just to name a few). When i heard the news of his death I felt apart of me die (Really) that just shocked me and took me by surprize as well but now that it's been 7yrs since his death I Miss him Dearly There's never gonna be another actor like John Ritter, Sorry to say but no one not even his son Jason Could ever be like him.
  • Great person...

    John Ritter was a great actor. I know him from one of my favorite shows, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter ( based on some book ) . He was awesome in the sitcom and made it more refreshing with his humor. It was really sad when he died - I found that out shortly after I saw the pilot, since I saw season 3 first and later wondered why he wasn\'t in it. So, rest in peace, John, rest in peace. Anyway, I just wanted to post this review in his memory (and I kinda want to get to the third level). He was a great person and should be remembered.

    John Ritter was one of the best!! I didn't know him personally. I wish I had been given the chance. I don't know much about his family life. I believe that was his business. His friends and family have nothing but great things to say about what I believe to be a legend. As a fan I seen him as a professional physical comic. He just mastered it. That is not something everyone has.
    He was most known for his character Jack on Three's Company. Which I think he was a key factor of its success.
    The way he left us was not only a surprise but tragic! Because of film he left us with his extreme talent; ensuring that laughter is part of our future! He will be incredibly missed!!!!!!!
  • He was and is one of my absolute favorite actors, and I really do miss him.

    The first time I ever saw John Ritter was when I was watching a re-run of Three's Company. I just thought he was so funny, and so cute. I just loved watching that show to see what kind of trouble Jack Tripper was going to get in. I'm really mad at myself for never watching 8 Simple Rules. I bet it was a good show, and I wish I had at least watched it once. When I heard that John Ritter passed away, I was very up set to hear that. I have even started an altered book on him so I can remember him. He was and is one of my absolute favorite actors, and I really do miss him.

    God rest in peace, John Ritter.
  • I miss John Ritter!

    Since my brothers and I saw his performance in the Problem Child films, we loved John Ritter. Then I saw him in It, watched the 8 Simple Rules reruns on the old WB network, and am watching Three's Company on TV Land when I can. This guy is an incredible and funny actor whose charm and persona won him a lot of recognition. He really knew how to bring his character to life and add the necessary personality. Although I'm most familiar with his role as Paul Henassey, I'm starting to see why Jack Tripper is his most famous role and why he was praised for it. He had a lot more ahead of him, it sucks that he died. RIP John Ritter. You will be missed!
  • John Ritter, the beloved actor, was one of the best and most loveable person on earth. He will never be forgotten.

    No matter how much we try, there is just no right way to deal with things in life. I mean, some people just would have an end to their lives. Some wouldn't. But the craziest and most upset thing about life is that sometimes a very young, charming, and beloved person goes away, leaving us heartbroken and a red pain in the heart.

    John Ritter, starred in the best TV sitcom in the world "8 Simple Rules", is never to be forgotten. I did not expect him to die. The craziest thing is that I didn't know about his death until I watched the episode of 8 Simple Rules: "Goodbye, Parts I and II". I was in the kitchen, getting the popcorn when my sister yelled to me that 8 Simple Rules is on. I got my Pop Corn and headed to the living room, watching my one of the favorites TV sitcom. So I just thought it was going to be another normal typical great episode. Unluckily, the episode was to be titled: "Goodbye, Parts I and II".

    I was shocked to death. Tears dropped by, and I had no idea about his death before. After the airing of the episode, I quickly jumped to my PC and checked on the internet the actual news of John Ritter's unexpected shocking death.

    His shows thrilled me.
    His acting shocked me.
    His death killed me.

    John Ritter and his acting performances are never, ever to be forgotten no matter how far the years go by.
  • John Ritter is one of the most verstaile and greatest sitcom actors of all time. The role he played as Jack Tripper in Three's company is probably one of my most favorite role. It's so hard to believe he's gone. What a great talent. R.I.P John Ritter.

    John Ritter is probably one of my favorite actors of all time. He starred in Three's Company for 7 seasons. It was perhaps, no it was the funniest tv sitcom of all time. I laugh at I love Lucy, I laugh at Seinfeld, I laugh at Frasier but I've never laughed as hard as I do in almost every episode of Three's Company. The character he played as a bachelor who is pretending to be gay while at the same time ending up in a serious of awkward situations. He perfected Jack Tripper and made him an actual person. John was also a master of physical comedy as proven throughout the entire series. But he was not only a comedic actor, he also starred in very dramatic roles. It's such a shame that's he gone. He was one of my most favorite actors of all time (if not my favorite), and all I can say is R.I.P John Ritter.
  • Taken from us far to soon

    John Ritter was a Hollywood legend from the second Chrissy and Janet found him asleep in their bath tub. It did not take a long to see who was going to be the biggest star on that show and quite deserving as well. John Ritter was a great comedian who could make you laugh with the silliest of things.
    I had just started to watch ' 8 Simple Rules ' when John was taken from us and watching the show in Syndication I can see that he was just as talented in that show as he was in ' Three's Company'. He will be missed.
  • Beloved actor, you will be missed

    He was absolutely fabulous on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. And of course, the kids all loved him as Clifford on Clifford the Big Red Dog. I was very sad when I found out he died and I went to school that day wearing all black. And it took TWO actors to fill his spot on 8 Simple Rules!
  • John Ritter was definitely one of the best comedic actors ever.

    I love John Ritter with all my heart. Not only is he very talented, but he also has a heart of gold and is truely funny. I never got the chance to meet him, but I wish I could go back in time and meet him before he died. I think that he was also a very underrated actor, but millions of people loved him. I love his physical comedy and all of his work. He also inspired a lot of people too. Since he died pretty much unexpectedly while he was on another hit TV show, I'm not taking life for granted anymore. That just proves that one minute someones there, and the next minute they're gone.
  • A Talented and funny actor whos life was short lived.

    John Ritter was one of the most talented actors i have seen in ages, he protrayal of certian characters is uncanny, as is his personality, The many shows he was in and the many movies were great, movies I saw look stupid but with his personality and wit he stole the show. 8 Simple Rules the last show that he was on and is now cancelled was another great show of his its just to bad he had to die at a young age, 8 Simple Rules was a great show with him and without him, however I think it was better with him on it.
  • John Ritter was one of the best actors around, at least in my opinon...

    John Ritter was one of the best actors around, at least in my opinon. He never tryed to be someone he wasn't. and he was so loving and caring. I know some people may think well this is over rated bla bla bla. I don't care he was the best and I know it.he was always so sweet to his fans, and he acted like he didn't mind sharing time with his fans. I belive that is what makes a true actor. even though hollywood can be a drag, he always had a smile on his face. I have never heard any storys of him punching out photographers, he loved the camera and the camera LOVED him. he also loved his family. and that's always a good thing.
  • One of the world's most brilliant comedians cut down in his prime.

    God, I miss this man. As I cry, and write this, I look back upon his fruitful career. I think of the American fabric weaving Jack Tripper, which utilized his brilliant physical comedic strengths. His character on "8 Simple Rules" redefined the television patriarch. This comedic genius should have lived longer.
  • best actor in sitcom television!!!

    john ritter is my favorite actor ever. he is the best in ALL that he does. three's company was my favorite and that is what made me love his acting in the first place. i think NO ONE can ever take his place or his talent. he is an original and is greatly missed by everyone.
  • Possibly the greatest actor ever.

    John Ritter is a brilliant actor. He first really came onto the scene in "Three's Company", playing the hilarous Jack Tripper. In this show, Ritter would demonstrate his great wit and apt for physical comedy.

    John also did movies such as "Stay Tuned" "Sling Blade". I remember "Stay Tuned" when I was a kid. And in the spring of 2001, I remember taking a VHS of the movie and playing the "Three's Company" parody over and over, and getting a laugh every time John would scream.

    He also was a great philanthropist. His brother, Tom, suffers from cerebral palsy. John had been working with United Cerebral Palsy for over twenty years.

    In 2002, Ritter starred in the ABC show "Eight Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter". This long-titled show was about the father of three teenagers. It was a great show. However, during the second season, while getting ready for an episode, John fell ill and was brought to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the hospital he was born, where he sadly died at the age of 54, short a week from his birthday, his anniverary, a day from his wife's birthday, and on his daughter Stella's birthday.

    He will be missed.