John Russell





1/3/1921 , Los Angeles, CA



Birth Name

William Lawrence Russell




John Russell was an American actor and combat veteran born in Los Angeles on January 3rd, 1921; he passed away from emphysema on January 19th, 1991, also in Los Angeles. Russell enlisted in the Marine Corps after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and was sent to Guadalcanal as an intelligence officer. However, his military career was short lived; he contracted malaria and was discharged from the Marines for medical reasons. Shortly after returning to the United States, Russell met a Hollywood talent agent who recognized his potential and convinced him to audition for 20th Century Fox. Russell took the advice and signed a contract with Fox to appear in supporting roles. After the contract expired, he signed with Republic Pictures and built a reputation as a tall, handsome supporting actor in Western films. In 1955, Russell signed on to play the lead role in a television series called "Soldiers of Fortune." The exposure this provided helped him secure the role for which he is most remembered: Marshall Dan Troop on "Lawman," a western series that ran on ABC.