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  • I was a little girl when John Russell appeared on Lawman, and I don't think my Dad watched it very much, but his appearance and voice made such an impression on me, that in l985, when I saw "Pale Rider" on the big screen, I recognized him.

    John Russell, while not a major leading man, had the richest voice and his handsome looks, even as an older man, riveted one's eyes to the screen. He was an imposing presence, and I wish he had had more big acting parts on TV. I watch "Pale Rider" over and over just to see the scenes near the end when he speaks with LaHood about Clint Eastwood's character, and when he and his "deputies", all looking sexy in their dusters, start their violence. What is it about dusters that is so appealing? I always thought cowboys were sexy, from the time I was very young, and I never tire of the western. John Russell is such a perfect cowboy, good man or villain. I prefer him as a villain. I have to again mention his voice, to me it is even richer than Gregory Peck's or Richard Kiley's. It is an amazing voice. My cable company has never played reruns of the "Lawman", but I will be watching if they ever do.