John Safran





8/13/1972 , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

John Safran




Before you ever saw John on television you may of heard his work. In 1995 he began copy-writing for ad agency Clemenger Harvie, producing jingles for companies such as Sea World and Mazda. Notoriety began in 1997, when his nomination was accepted to partake in ABC's Race Around the world, where Safran would submit short pieces like putting a voodoo curse on an ex- girlfriend and publicly displaying Walt Disney as an Anti- Semite.
Although placing last on the show, his popularity led to the ABC letting him shoot some pilots for his own series, but due to the controversy of the stint with Ray Martin
they refused to air it.
Meanwhile he did interviews for the short-lived Two Shot series and the defunct Lateline. In 1999 he joined the Melbourne community radio station Triple R Breakfasters team, but has recently announced his departure.
His television gem 'John Safran's Music Jamboree' aired and repeated through mid-2002 and release on DVD December 6th of the same year.
In 2004, he released his next major TV show "John Safran vs. God", and released the DVD the same year.
In 2005, after seeing great chemistry between himself and Father Bob Maguire, a Catholic priest from Melbourne who featured in "John Safran vs. God", John made the religious talk-show, "Speaking in Tongues".
Throughout his television career, John Safran has won 4 AFI awards, 2 each for "Music Jamboree" and "John Safran vs. God", and an Australian Writer's Guild Award for "Music Jamboree".