John Salley

John Salley


5/16/1964, Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Johney Thomas Salley



Also Known As

John Spider Salley
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  • John Salley
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John is a professional basketball player who also acts and produces. After playing college basketball at Georgia Tech, he played in the NBA and won four championships with the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Lakers.


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    • John: I love basketball. Watching it or playing it. It's America's sport, forget baseball.

    • John: I have a passion for good food and wine. I am also a cigar aficionado.

    • John: (I won) four championship rings, with three different teams, in three different decades and two different millenniums.

    • John: My favorite cartoon was called Gigantor because there was this little kid that had a control to work this great monster, this steel giant. Next one was Johnny Quest because my real name is Johnny, Johnny Salley. To this day I still call everybody I meet, if I don't know your name, I'll yell Hadji, because I love Hadji in that situation. I love Johnny Quest. Some of the other ones: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was the ultimate cartoon for me. It came on in the afternoon on Saturdays around 12:30, so I watched it before I went back outside to play ball. I probably watched every Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids that you can possibly think of.

  • When John Salley was with the Pistons we never missed one of his games. He was the light of the game and so colorful. He is just as colorful and the old John Salley on this show too. Such a great character. Never miss this show either.moreless

    This is one of the best sports shows on the air and I just bet that John Salley was the one that named it too. He is our John Salley and he goes way back to the Pistons. I saw the show the other night with William Shatner and he was talking about what a wonderful man John Salley was. I was very impressed with the thinks Shatner said and we already knew just what kind of a sweet fellow John Salley is. I just happened to be panning through the TV one night and I saw his new show. I have not missed it since that night.moreless