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    • John: I love basketball. Watching it or playing it. It's America's sport, forget baseball.

    • John: I have a passion for good food and wine. I am also a cigar aficionado.

    • John: (I won) four championship rings, with three different teams, in three different decades and two different millenniums.

    • John: My favorite cartoon was called Gigantor because there was this little kid that had a control to work this great monster, this steel giant. Next one was Johnny Quest because my real name is Johnny, Johnny Salley. To this day I still call everybody I meet, if I don't know your name, I'll yell Hadji, because I love Hadji in that situation. I love Johnny Quest. Some of the other ones: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was the ultimate cartoon for me. It came on in the afternoon on Saturdays around 12:30, so I watched it before I went back outside to play ball. I probably watched every Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids that you can possibly think of.